How To Setup & Install Ace TV Kodi Add-on

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Ace TV Kodi Add-on is a brand new and latest live TV Kodi Add-on from Firestickplusman Add-on Repository. It has various sections that include VOD, Live TV and Settings with various sub-categories that includes, Sports Channels, USA Channels, and 4K Movies.

If you are hearing the buzz about Kodi these days,  Well you’re not the only one — Kodi gaining momentum very fast. So what is Kodi? In its company’s very own words, “Kodi is the ultimate entertainment centre.” It’s probably a justifiable description if we see that in the context of a media player. It is a free open-source software for media centre. It runs on pretty much on every platform, that includes Linux, iOS, Windows, Android and macOS, so it is the best way to access your media content on all of your devices.

It is compatible with many music and video formats, and it’s handy too, just like a picture gallery. There various pleasing features that it offers, like the access to use metadata for organizing your videos and music. Trailers, posters, video extras and fan art can be imported to give a supplement to the movie collection, too. One can customize everything about the menu system and display.

It has various add-ons that include Guzril, bennu, aliunde, Fantastic 3.0, dark love, indigo, man cave, bob unleashed, salts, ace Tv, sports classic legion ‘N’ unhinged and many more. Kodi can turn all devices like computer, smartphones in a digital set-top box and give a user the power to stream any file from the home network, the internet. Kodi’s interface and menu system are very unique, different and easy, you don’t need to have a brain tech to use it.

It has a long list of supported file formats which makes things simple. Despite being able to make it available on pretty much every device, developers of Kodi actually says that is designed keeping in mind the home theatre setup. It can be viewed on smaller or larger screen, as it provides similar kind of experience on both.

Setup & Install Ace TV Kodi Add-on

  • Open Kodi
  • Open the system setting by clicking the icon at the top left of the page.

  • Select the option of file manager.

  • Click on Add source on the left.

  • Select the bar which says none.

  • A box will appear, name it firestick and click OK.

  • Cross check if everything is correct and click Ok.

  • Click on the option of add-ons in the main menu bar.

  • Select Add on package installer on the top left of the page.

  • Now click on install from zip file.

  • A pop up will appear on the screen, select firestick.

  • Click on

  • Wait for the repository to download and pop up saying firestickplusman repository installed appear on the top of the page.

  • Now click on install from repository.

  • Select Firestickplusman add-on.

  • Next step is to click on video add-on.

  • Click on Ace TV.

  • Click on Install and enjoy.