Best Kodi Addons Working List In December 2018

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We know that KODI is the base of the modern online media streaming platforms that are available worldwide. The Platform of KODI was developed more than a decade back by the XBMC Foundation.

Today this platform of KODI is used at a very massive scale on a global scale due to its content and the open source compatibility.

In today’s topic, we are going to tell you about the best KODI add-ons which are working super cool and provide the good amount of data content to the users.

Best Kodi Addons Working List In September 2018

  1. Exodus Kodi Addon
  2. Covenant Kodi Addon
  3. Poseidon Kodi Addon
  4. cCloud TV Kodi Addon
  5. Gurzil Kodi Addon
  6. Neptune Rising Kodi Addon
  7. Placenta Kodi Addon
  8. Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon
  9. Incursion Kodi Addon
  10. Genesis Reborn Kodi Addon
  11. Magic Dragon Kodi Addon
  12. Maverick TV Kodi Addon
  13. Supremacy Kodi Addon
  14. Uranus Kodi Addon
  15. Tubi TV Kodi Addon

Exodus KODI Addon


Exodus is the name of KODI add-on which probably requires no introduction for the KODI users who are streaming the media on the KODI platform over quite a long time. Exodus is known as the legendary vintage KODI add-on.

The content base over the Exodus is far more in comparison of the other KODI add-ons. It provides all kinds of contents sections be it movies, sports, music, serials or anything else. The Exodus KODI add-on couldn’t survive with the change in the time and the feature of this sublime KODI add on got outdated as per the present time.

Covenant KODI Addon

Covenant KODI Add-on

Covenant is the upgraded version of the legendary vintage Exodus KODI add-on. The Exodus couldn’t update itself with the time and the requirements of the modern scenario and hence to get shut down in between.

The developers of the Exodus later came up with the Covenant KODI add-on which is the fork of the Exodus KODI add-on and is bundled with all kind of brand new features to satisfy the demand of the users.

The content of the Covenant is even wider than the Exodus KODI add-on with an improved video quality.



This is another best KODI add-on the POSEIDON KODI add-on is having the same kind of credibility as of the Exodus and the Covenant KODI add-on. If you are someone who wants to have access to the movies and all kind of TV shows then POSEIDON KODI add-on is the way to go for you.

CCLOUD TV Kodi Addon

CCLOUD TV Kodi Addon

CCLOUD TV is another great offering for all those KODI users who want to have the live streaming media content mostly. The CCLOUD TV is the best option for them. You can watch various content category streaming live on this platform

Neptune Rising Kodi Addon

Neptune Rising Kodi Addon

Neptune rising has been developed by the BLAMO repository which is a prominent name on the platform of KODI. Neptune rising is a good package of the movies and the TV shows there is always update in the Neptune rising KODI add-on content. It won’t let you feel boredom with its wide and updated movies and TV shows content


Placenta KODI ADD-ON

Placenta KODI add-on is the fork of the Covenant KODI add-on so you may guess the rest about the content quality of this add-on. A placenta is a great offering of the versatile content with many useful features

Exodus 6.0 KODI ADDON

Exodus 6.0 KODI ADD-ON

Exodus 6.0 is the update form of the vintage Exodus KODI add-on. There have been made some changes in the 6.0 version in the terms of the feature and some bugs have also been rectified. You must give it a try as you already know about the wide content offering of the Exodus KODI add-on.

Incursion KODI ADDON

Incursion KODI ADD-ON

Incursion is another fork of the Covenant KODI add-on. Though the Incursion is a new KODI add-on yet it offers a great range of movies and the TV shows. You should go ahead and give it a try

Genesis Reborn KODI ADDON

Genesis Reborn KODI ADD-ON

Genesis reborn is a great all in one KODI add-on which offers an excellent range of media content the best thing about this add-on is the quality of the content which is 4K. It is used widely due to its good package offering of the content with the quality

Magic Dragon KODI Addon

Magic Dragon KODI Addon

The magic dragon is the reborn version of the pyramid KODI add-on. This add-on has the blend of all kind of media content and you should definitely seek your favourite content on this platform of the magic dragon

Maverick TV KODI Addon

Maverick TV KODI Addon

Maverick TV is a decent package of movies, TV shows, news and the kid’s zone. Further, the 4k quality of this add-on is what makes the users tempted. You should give it a try for yourself.


SUPREMACY KODI addon is a small sized KODI addon which shares the content category from all kinds of the content be it live TV, Movies, TV shows, kids zone, Documentary or anything else you can find a bit of everything on this add-on.

Uranus KODI Addon

Uranus KODI Addon

Uranus KODI add-on is the fork of the Elysium KODI add-on which is another great KODI add-on. The Uranus KODI add-on although doesn’t have the wide content category but this add-on just works flawlessly with whatever content it has in its lap.

So these are the best KODI add-ons in our opinion that we felt like sharing with you. We would urge you to go ahead and give them a try on yourself so that you can have a great content to stream on the platform of KODI.