How To Setup & Install Alvin Kodi Addons

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KODI is an online or offline media streaming program which has been developed by the XBMC foundation a long back, when the trend of media broadcasting was turning into online from the traditional offline sources, and people started demanding for the online media streaming platform. KODI was one of those first media streaming platforms, which came into emergence during the evolution of the online media streaming trend.

KODI being the open media source of media streaming platform, provided its users with so many options such as they may add any kind of music in the KODI playlist from their local device storage, or the online sources of media contents, which are today known as the KODI add-ons. KODI basically works as a host for their guests, which are the media content sources these content media sources use the platform of KODI, and provide the media broadcasting directly to the users using this platform of KODI.

In today’s scenario KODI has made its way to the millions of the online or offline media streaming users, who often are indulged in the media streaming to enjoy their favorite content on KODI, being anywhere and anytime. The biggest advantage of the KODI is its free cost platform availability, while others media platform provide their platform at some charges, KODI provides the platform at free of cost to all users.

Another big factor about the KODI media platform is the compatibility point KODI platform today provides its platform to almost all kind of operating system, such as windows, android, Mac, Linux, Raspberry and many other types of devices as well which makes the KODI a very first preference from the user’s perspective, when it comes to online media streaming.

Today in this article we are going to discuss about one such KODI add on whose name is Alvin KODI add-on .This add-on has been introduced by the octopus repository and this Alvin add-on is basically the fork of the Exodus KODI add on. Being the fork of the legendary Exodus KODI add-on, you may have an idea about the overall quality of this Alvin KODI add-on.

Alvin KODI add on offers an amazing range of Movies, TV shows, New and trending movies, New shows, Serials, Thrillers, Search bar and much more options. Being a mid range type of KODI this Alvin KODI add-on offers, almost everything to the users from its bucket.

Further talking about the content quality of the Alvin KODI add-on this add-on holds the same user interface, as the Exodus has and the content quality is also similar means, the content is in all HD along with a very soothing audio quality, which never disappoints the users. Considering all these factors, we would say that if you are looking something in the mid range content, then this Alvin KODI add-on is the great deal for you that we opine you must have in your KODI add-ons.

We believe that if you are a regular KODI media streaming user then you must know that since the KODI is an open source media streaming platform, and your data or privacy is always under a threat being here. We would advise you to secure your open network with the Virtual Private Network, that hides your IP address and keeps in the safe or the encrypted mode, which in resulting provides you the safest mode of media streaming at any platform.

KODI doesn’t allow its users to stream the copyrighted or the pirated media on its platform, since that’s an illegal type of media streaming and also punishable under the respective laws. You can only stream that media on KODI which is either available in the public domain, or must belong to you personally.

Setup & Install Alvin Kodi Addons

  • Go to your KODI media platform and launch it then go to the system settings icon which is located in the top left side of the page.

  • There you will see the file manager option next click on that.

  • Clicking on the file manager option now you will see the add source option click on that.

  • In the add source you need to provide the URL address of the media source that you want to add on KODI.
  • Type in the URL as and click on Ok.

  • Then name this media source as KOD1 and Make it Ok.

  • Now just review all the fields again to make sure that all the fields are correct and good to proceed further.

  • Now come back to the main menu of the KODI and click on the add-ons section.

  • Then on the package installer and it will start downloading.

  • After downloading of the package installer make an installation from the zip file.

  • Then a box will slide outward with several options choose the KOD1 from there.

  • Then another box will appear with some other options select the KODI Repos from there.

  • Next scroll down and find out the option of octopus repository and click on it.

  • Click next on the repository octopus zip format file.

  • This repository will start downloading wait for it to be downloaded.

  • Then click on the installation from the repository and proceed further.

  • There click on the octopus repository option.

  • Then on the video add-ons.

  • Select the Alvin media source.

  • And make it install finally

This Alvin KODI add-on will be installed with this procedure. To see this add-on just shut down the KODI, and restart it then go to the KODI video add-ons section and you will find this add-on there.

Just click on it and start the media streaming. We hope that this tutorial article would help you, feel free to any further help.