How To Use Your Android Phone as a USB WiFi Adapter

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It is very easy to set up an Android smartphone or tablet as a WiFi adapter. It is good for a quick and easy solution for a Desktop computer which requires wireless or broken WiFi on a laptop. Not all cell phone Carriers allows this service and can turn off the WiFi forcing you to use your Data plan.

For this reason, it is advised to use your Android device not setup on a Cell Plan so that there is no chance of running up the data. Any of your old Android Device can work. We have tried using old Galaxy S2 and S1 and no problem occurred with them and worked very well. we have also tried new Galaxy S8 which we tied to the cell plan and turned off the WiFi so that it can not be used. There are various cheap WiFi dongles that give a long-term solution but an Android smartphone can be used as a short-term quick fix.

Steps to Use Android as USB WiFi Adapter

  • Connect your phone or tablet with a wifi.

  • Connect your device to the computer using a USB cable.

  • Go to the setting of your phone and select mobile hotspot or tethering.

  • It is called tethering or portable hotspot in Galaxy S1.

  • If a warning box pop-up saying the WiFi is shut off and your phone can Not be used as a WiFi Adapter, then turn off your data plan.

  • You are ready to use it once the tethering is on.