Best Kodi Addons For Android 2020

Best Kodi VPN

It is really very disappointing and stressful that even after getting the paid subscription for watching online shows you still won’t be able to watch all of the shows or your favorite ones , this situation is mostly happening with the pay to view TV boxes. Due to these problems most of the online users are searching for the more viable options for watching their favorite shows online. Now , the Android TV boxes and Kodi are being the good and best option for watching your favorite online shows. The great and best part of Kodi is that it provides thousands of add-ons to it’s users for watching each and every type of multimedia content.

The best add-ons for Kodi which are available and makes it the best media player for providing functionality and features for which it is known. The Kodi media player provides you all of the best content even on your Android mobile phone. You can enjoy the best features of Kodi on your Android device you just need to download the Kodi app to your device. Today in this article we are going to tell you that how you can get Kodi Android add-ons on your Android Kodi player. Here is the list of some of the good working Android TV Kodi Best add-on for your Kodi app –

1 . Elysium

2 . Covenant

3 . Halow Kodi live TV

4 . Cartoons8

5 . VPN manager

6 . Salts

7 . Sports devil

8 . MP3 Streams

9 . Plex

10 . Emby

These are some of the best Kodi addons for Android TV. You can stream up almost all type of multimedia content with help of these addons. So now we are going to know about these best Android TV add-on for your Kodi player. You can get any of the add-on which you like from all of them.

1 . Elysium

After the shut down of TV , many of the most known and the popular add-ons famous for video like Zen , Exodus , Phoenix were also got discontinued. Elysium is simply the rebrand of Zen add-on which is still getting updated and Elysium is also the updated version of Zen and getting very popular , demanded add-on for streaming movies , TV series , Live channels and much more.

2 . Covenant

The recently arrived fork of Exodus add-on is known as covenant. The covenant add-on has released in the market with several new and demanded features in the month of July 2017. This newly released add-on is getting famous due to several reasons like it gets up all of the features or things that has been left by the Exodus add-on. The covenant has come up with the successor of exodus with a promise of improvement in the add-on with having almost the same but updated features and almost same design of covenant as of the Exodus add-on.

3 . Halow Live TV

The halow live TV is another best Android TV add-on which can provide you the access to almost all of the channel across the world. This add-on is getting popular day by day with it’s lot of fans on twitter. You can even see it’s Twitter handle on which many of it’s users are thanking them for streaming the great quality videos and all even on the match days. Every type of user can get the content of their choice in the Halow Live TV , you can get this add-on in the Halow TV repo.

4 . Cartoons 8

You can not only watch up the sports or live matches on the Kodi but it also have several type of content for the kids or even for the cartoon lovers. Cartoons8 is the best one Kodi add-on for the kids which is enjoyed by them a lot and is being updated on regular basis. Cartoons8 add-on is completely focused only for the cartoon which has been made specially for kids. Here , kids can find up all of the popular either small and great cartoons and it tries to deliver almost the exact content to the user. You can get the cartoons8 add-on at the mettle kettle repository file or you can install it from the file manager. This add-on has made with a purpose of entertainment.

5 . VPN manager

VPN manager seems very vital when you use Kodi and there are several reasons for having VPN with you. For unlocking the full potential of internet while seeking anonymity the VPN is very important and valuable. There is a Kodi add-on called as Zomboided which is supporting various VPN providers which gives the the feature of auto connection to the VPN providers. You will get the authority of setting up the multiple accounts.

6 . Salts

Almost all of the sources can be streamed by Salts and it is popular among users for streaming the movies and TV shows with a range of the source. Salts has a large number of links in it which gives a reliable source of high quality to it’s users. This add-on is the solution to tell problem in which unreliable sources create problem for the users by simply ensuring that the users are getting almost nothing from the trustworthy sources of high quality. The salts gives up the two unique features for it’s user which is a paid service called real debris allowing users for getting the better quality video sources you can also get lots of free options which are working perfectly for me users who are not wanting to spend any money for purchasing any subscription and you will get the content with full HD. We recommend you to install the beta version of Salts as it is the best working version without having any problem till now.

7 . Sports Devil

The sports lover specially the football lovers search for the best live sports streaming addon. Now , you need not to search any more Sports Devil [best video add-ons for kodi] is the best Kodi addon which is streaming live NFL and the other contents of sports. This Sports Devil Kodi addon gives the users an access to all of the sports content even the Live sports content , you can enjoy the free streaming of live sports like football , wrestling , NFL game , boxing , PPV , UFC , EPL , UK Football , live basketball , hockey and baseball and much more. Kodi Video Addons gives you a wide range of video quality of the streaming from 480p to 720p.