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All of the lovers of anime are just relying on some of the few websites but you can also watch your favorite Anime Addons for Kodi with help of several good working kodi addons. By using this Kodi add-on you are able to access the different content from various sources just at single place. So today we are going to know about some of the best anime add-ons for your Kodi device so that you will be able to have fun by watch anime HD with these add-ons at one place.

Best Kodi Anime Addons

Before you are going to install an add-on to your Kodi we suggest you to use a VPN if you do not want to face any restriction while streaming your favorite content. As there are many users who complaint of receiving the copyright notice while streaming the content any kodi , so if you do not want to face such kind of problem then first of all have a good VPN for this we recommend you to use IPVanish.

A good VPN provides you a proper privacy and safety. Let us know about different anime addons for Kodi available for your Kodi device. We are going to discuss the best and working anime addons so that your fun will not ruin.

1 . Funimation now :

It is the first addon which comes in the list of anime. Funimation now is an official addon and working greatly for its users with full satisfaction. This addon comes with its custom design and with several beautiful animations and transitions. You will be definitely going to like this addon , it allows you to stream almost all of the anime content with a high video quality.This is one of the best Anime Streaming Sites. In the list of best addons of every anime over this addon comes at the top with first priority. You need to pay some nominal amount of $5.99 per month for using this addon.

2 . Anime Go :

For the anime fans we are going to introduce another best Kodi anime add-on which is anime go a incredible and well developed add-on for Kodi users and anime lovers. This add-on is basically based for anime lovers and completely focus on anime only. This add-on provides you a very wide and completely featured system of menu for searching or going through your best anime , you will be going to find more than 500 different shows of anime with help of providing large access over amount of several presented anime.

You are not only going to watch anime shows over this add-on either you can even have fun of watching Dubbed anime HD movies with this awesome add-on, you can watch more than 100 of anime movies with good quality, little buffering, and low loading time which do not irritate you while watching.

3 . 9anime :

The another best anime add-on in this list is 9anime which is having a same experience as you will be having with 9anime.tv this add-on is specifically for the 9Anime website. This add-on gets regular updates with new features and fixed bugs or issues. The latest update of 9anime has being better optimized for work with the latest version of Kodi as compared to other anime add-ons. You will be going to enjoy fast streaming  and loading with a huge list of sources where the streaming is available. You will be also going to know the quality of the video which you are going to watch and able to choose source and quality both of your choice , it also gets changes according to the needs of the current streaming content. We suggest you to use only the official version of 9anime as there is another version from Cypher’s Locker is also available which do not work.

4 . Covenant : 

The covenant add-on is most popular and famous add-on among Kodi users , it is a great addition to the reporter file of your Kodi as it provides you much more than those only stuffs like movies or TV shows, on Kodi you can stream lots of content with your choice even the Kodi anime Pro content also.

On this add-on you will d going to find out a separate section for anime with a favourable size there are more than 100 of the anime shows from which you can choose you fav show and stream it the only issue which you can face is that there are also some other mixed shows other than anime in the list you can find some non anime movies and shows in the list apart from this it can be a great deal for having anime and other shows also at single place. It will be going to be the best addition and a safe streaming place.

5 . Genesis Reborn :

Genesis Reborn and covenant are almost same in the code and structure, you will be going to see that Genesis add-on also have the almost same menu bar and options of anime as of covenant addon.

So , the benefit of this add-on is that if you are streaming anything on the covenant add-on and suddenly it stops working or fails to load than you can easily switch to the genesis add-on and can find out the same on it for further streaming. You will be able to find the same anime which you were streaming and continue that on genesis add-on.

6 . Crunchyroll :

As you find for Funimation go similarly Crunchyroll add-on is also an official anime add-on for the anime lovers. It is a popular and well known add-on with the fully legal options of streaming the anime on your Kodi. Although Crunchyroll has faced some facelift on it’s older version but the new version is good with all new and updated features.

The issue with Crunchyroll is that it works best for the premium holders of Crunchyroll account so it is not possible to enjoy free anime streaming as on other add-ons can be. But , apart from this it is a best add-on only for the anime lovers.