How to Install Benelli Kodi Add-ons 2018

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BENELLI KODI add-on is another introductory media by Mr. and Mrs. Smith Repository. It is also a fork of exodus category line. And as usual being from the exodus line the BENELLI KODI also have a large fan base due to the variety of the content that it offers to its users.

The BENELLI KODI add-on resembles to the exodus KODI add-on almost in all the aspects but the only thing that differs between both of these is that the BENELLI is having the updated code while the exodus is still having its own old code. The content of the BENELLI and the exodus KODI add-on differs the BENELLI has some other addition to offer to its audience in compare of exodus KODI.

The category of content that the BENELLI KODI add-on has to offer to its viewers includes,
Movies, Music, Anime creations, Live TV, Cartoons for kids ,live matches broadcasted, and much more which makes the BENELLI KODI a better version than the old Exodus KODI which had the limited content with some outdated features with it.

The KODI media playing platform is always vulnerable to data leaking and your personal privacy so it would be better off to you if you KODI add-on with the VPN service, it will bring you a sense of relief from being spied by anyone else and from the feat of losing out the walls of privacy.

Do not use KODI media to play or stream any kind of media which violates the agreement of copyrighted data and do not play the pirated data as well on the KODI platform it may render you in trouble.

Method to Install Benelli Kodi Add-ons

Follow this method in order to make a BENELLI KODI add-on

  • Open your KODI software opening window.

  • Click on the setting icon on the top left corner.


  • See the file manager option get in to that option.


  • The Add source option will open up click on that.

  • Click on The none next.
  • You will be asked to type the URL of the media source that you want to add

  • Write Smith as the media source name in the next option.
  • Recheck everything to make sure everything is Ok.
  • Now come back to the main menu.
  • Click on the package installer from there.
  • And next click on the install from zip file.

  • The next box will open choose the Smith file folder.

  • Now click on the repository zip file.

  • After clicking the repository file will start downloading.
  • Once it gets downloaded click install for the repository file.
  • Now you will see Mr. and Mrs. Smith repository file click on that.

  • Next option will appear as video add-ons click on that.
  • Now click on the BENELLI option among other appearing options.
  • Next option will be final installation option.
  • Click on the install.

And you are all set to go with your favourite KODI add-on we hope the article helped you in setting up the KODI add-on we wish you a happy media streaming cheers!