Best 5 Free VPN for Fire Stick TV & Kodi in 2018

Best Kodi VPN

KODI is the main foundation of the online media streaming trend at a worldwide scale, which facilitates the online or the offline media streaming for its users in the masses. If you are an online media streaming lover, then we believe that you are already aware of the name of the KODI.

Before the advent of the KODI, the form and the means of media broadcasting used to be limited as there was only wired antenna connections by the help of TV or radio media broadcasting was possible.

KODI changed that scenario of media broadcasting and provided the world with the modern form of media broadcasting and access to it. In the present scenario, the media broadcasting is all seamless and completely wireless which means now the media can be broadcasted from anywhere and also can be accessed being at any place or any time.

As we know that the platform of KODI is open source and due to that there are the plenty of the third party media sources, which are connected on KODI, and offer the media broadcasting to the users directly through the platform of KODI.

Amazon fire stick is one device which is a kind of USB flash drive and offers the media content to its users by being plugged into the Television or the computer systems of the users. The device is very small sized and offers an amazing deal of media content to the users.

There is always a threat while using the platform of KODI or Amazon Fire TV stick, and that risk is being related to the privacy of the users. We know that KODI is an open source program, and due to that, there is no control from the KODI over the activities of the KODI users, which puts an element of threat over the KODI users.

There is a way to escape from this threat and the way goes through the VPN which stands for the Virtual Private Network. Being the private network the VPN turns the open Internet connectivity to the VPN and safeguards the IP address of the users which in resulting secure the open network of the users and users can stream the unlimited amount of media streaming.

There are plenty of the VPN services available for the users to safeguard the network and below we are providing you with the list of some VPN to use if you are streaming the media either by using the Amazon Fire TV stick or the KODI.

Express VPN

Express VPN is just the piece of gem in the modern world of technology this is like a God which assures your privacy to be in the safest hands possible over this planet.

The express VPN is although the most expensive VPN services, trust me the features or the services that this VPN provides to the users justify its price very well.

Express VPN

Express VPN is packed with all modern features that a VPN can provide to the users such as the data encryption, WI-FI network security, website blocking and many such services.

You must use this VPN services for the media streaming over the Amazon fire TV stick or the KODI platform. It really provides the very high safeguard to the privacy of the users


This is another best VPN services from the US-based company. IPVANISH is although the new VPN in the VPN industry but the pace with which it has made its name among the VPN users is commendable.

It provides an excellent service to its users and that is the only reason that why it has gained such a huge popularity in the very short span of time.


If you are streaming the media over the Amazon fire TV stick or the KODI then you should definitely consider the IPVANISH VPN.

Nord VPN

Nord VPN is the third name in our list which offers decent all-round VPN services to the users. You can rely on the Nord VPN for streaming any high-quality media streaming with an utmost safeguard to your privacy.

Nord VPN offers its services to all the modern top used media streaming such as the torrent, Netflix, HBO, Firestick, KODI and much more.

Nord VPN Kodi Addon

The VPN provides great advanced features of VPN such as the simulations connection to various devices, data encryption, spilt data tunnelling and many other features as well.

Private VPN

Private VPN is the fourth and the economical VPN services on our list. If you want the decent VPN services at a very reasonable price, then the Private VPN is for you. As the name suggests private this VPN indeed works in the same way for you by securing your open network just like a private network.

Private VPN Kodi Addon

Private VPN offers a good range of services such as the P2P network support, Malware and the Ads blocking, website blocking, WIFI network encryption, and many other services which make the most of your every penny that you pay for it.


VYPER VPN is another great VPN on our list. VYPER VPN is the very first VPN which offers its VPN services to almost all kinds of the devices, be it the computer devices or the mobile devices.

This VPN is the one which keeps no logs of the user activities which keeps the users relived while streaming some privacy based content or the site on the Internet.

VYPER VPN Kodi Addon

The features of the VYPER VPN includes the access to 700+ servers, Unlimited media or the data streaming, easy customers care support, and much more. The best thing about this VYPER VPN is that it is available at a very economical price.

We hope that this article will help you in choosing the best VPN for the KODI, and the Amazon Fire TV stick and you will choose the one that full fills all your requirements.