What is the Best FREE VPN for Kodi and Do You Need One?

Best Kodi VPN

It is good to have a VPN as it can help in various scenarios like traveling and hiding your location online. Most of us use a VPN with Kodi for many reasons but the main reason is as a layer of protection and to obtain content their Country or ISP may block.

Eg. UK users who have blocked content from the Geo-location can easily use a VPN in order to bounce their IP that seems to have come from some other country, like the USA (United States of America). Let take another example of an ISP that has various blocks in their network from accessing the certain portions of the internet. A VPN will help you to make an encrypted tunnel around this so that no one can see into and change the IP. This is what a VPN basically do. It bounces and changes your IP from one location to another. If you want your online location to be hidden, a VPN is a good way to do it. 
A VPN also makes a layer of protection as all the data in the connection called a tunnel is encrypted.

Reasons for a VPN and Kodi 

  • Security – Encrypted IP Tunnel
  • Mask your identity – Different IP Address
  • Appear to be in a different location
  • Break free of network restrictions

What To Look for In a Free VPN for Kodi
The most important things to look for in a VPN with Kodi are multiple locations / IPs available, reputation and fast data streams. The minimum speed required to play a standard definition video is 25Mbps for the new 4K Ultra HD and 5Mbps – 10Mbps for HD 720 / 1080p. If a VPN transfers the data at 1Mbps then it doesn’t matter how reputable they will not be able to stream videos.

Best VPN for Kodi on Firestick 2018

For this reason, it is important to have a VPN which transfer at least 5Mbps. It is also good if you have a number of IP address from different Countries because you can pick and choose from where you want to be seen coming from. Multiple IPs are needed if you know where you want to seem to be located. Eg. Netflix is known to block the users outside the USA. People from outside the USA use a VPN to look like they are in the USA. Having a reputable VPN is very important as it could potentially see all your data flowing through their networks. One should never trust a free VPN if you have any sensitive data. Use a known paid service in such cases as paid service means better faster service.

What is the Best VPN for Kodi? 

There are many VPNs and simply but there are two paid services that we recommend areIPVanish and VyprVPN.

Both of these VPNs work well with better speeds and various locations around the world to connect to. We recommend IPVanish as it has hundreds of worldwide high-speed servers without throttling or logs.

How to Setup Kodi with a VPN 


Most VPN services provide software to download an App for the android box. You can also setup connection in Windows and Android as they have built-in VPN support. For a typical VPN setup, you need to connect to the internet and later to the VPN, after that all your internet traffic including Kodi will go through these servers.