5+ Best Kodi Remote Controls for Kodi To Buy

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The platform of KODI has been given us by the XBMC foundation which is a Non Profit organization and works in the public development affairs and under the same purpose, the platform of KODI is developed by the XBMC Foundation.

KODI gave a new definition to the modern world of media broadcasting both in the terms of quality, and also the ease of access to the media broadcasting.

In the user’s perspective also the KODI is all open and a free source which means all kind of users can easily stream the media content by installing the setup of KODI into their devices.

KODI provides its easy compatibility to many types of devices which are present in the modern scenario of the Internet.

We know that the platform of KODI has made us the wireless media streaming from anywhere and anytime, but sometimes it becomes really boring and cumbersome to stream the media over KODI platform by the mouse or the computer keyboard.

These two are the very old and traditional way to control and stream the media content over the platform of KODI, and now there is a time to change. Since we all want to stream the media content sitting or laying on our couch with the family.

Fortunately, there are the ways to control the KODI setup from the distance by the help of remote to stream the media over the KODI platform.

Here in this article, we are going to tell you about some of those remote controls by which you can control the KODI from a remote distance such as sitting in your room.


This is the first remote control in our list and if you look at it you will find it to be any normal TV remote control, but if you look closely then you will see the qwerty keypad on this, which is able to execute all kind of controlling command just like any other computer keypad. You can easily control all aspects of KODI media streaming from this remote control.

This remote control can be used for all kind of TV which are compatible to the infrared signals although the most KODI devices don’t have the infrared compatibility this remote also comes with a 2.4 GHz dongle which can be put in any KODI device having a USB port.

This remote control is available at a very low price of approx 11$ on the Amazon which is the best deal for any KODI user.

This remote control can be operated by the AAA batteries so that you don’t have to be worried about charging it.

There are some pros and cons of this remote control:


  • Based on the latest technology and easy affordability
  • Offers a good range of device connectivity
  • Works well and offers all the required features


  • There is no Bluetooth support which is not in the favour of Amazon fire TV stick
  • AAA batteries don’t provide the long life like a charging batteries


This is a second remote controller in our list and this is comparatively very simple looking remote controller. This remote control is suited for those people who want the basic usage of the navigation only for the KODI media streaming.

This remote is equipped with the arrow keys, play and pause buttons, and you will also find a mouse key which works like a joystick.

This is a very simple remote which is having the buttons arrangements in a way which can be used even in the darkness due to the simple and spaced arrangements of the buttons.

You will not find the Bluetooth connectivity for this remote control since this is meant only for the KODI users, and it does its job there quite perfectly.

Here are some pros and cons of this remote


  • Very simple and clean user interface
  • There is mouse functionality as well
  • You can use this remote for several devices


  • It requires some hectic configuration for the KODI
  • Price is slightly higher than the features

Century Accessory BT Remote

Well, this is somewhat an advanced kind of remote devices for the KODI. We have seen above that most of the KODI remote doesn’t offer the Bluetooth connectivity rather they are required to be connected by the USB port.

The century Accessory remote offers the Bluetooth connectivity to the KODI which is quite advanced features for the KODI users. You can connect this remote control with your phones, and even to the Amazon Fire TV stick which is used very widely these days for the media streaming purpose.

This remote is best remote for all those who want the Bluetooth connectivity for the KODI. We have just found only one shortcoming with this remote and that is the structure of its key which can be improved for the price that the users pay for it.
Below are some cons and pros of it


  • Offers good range Bluetooth connectivity
  • Provide a decent battery life


  • It is expensive than what it offers
  • Quality of the remote and keys is not up to the mark


This is another infrared-based remote control for the KODI users which is having the price tag of approx $14. This remote is limited to the number of keys over it and offers a good range of infrared connectivity.

This remote includes all the basic keys that are required for the KODI or other kinds of remote TV. With this remote, you will also find one new feature of recording which is not available with the other remote of KODI.

We have found great ratings and reviews for this remote on Amazon and overall this is a great remote for the KODI.

There are some pros and cons of it


  • You can do everything with it but not the textual entry
  • Price is reasonable
  • You will get a record button with this remote which is a great offering in this package


  • You will not find the IR receiver in this remote
  • Text entry is not possible with this remote


This is one of the most popular remote control among the KODI users. The reason behind this popularity is the compatibility of this remote, you can use this remote with KODI, Apple TV, Xbox One, and other devices. You should note though that this remote is not having the IRR receiver with it.

This remote is having very unique design along with the back-lit keys which provide a great feature such as locking the volume and other buttons.

We have found very fewer issues with this remote control as well, and our suggestion is to keep this remote in a consideration while buying any remote for the KODI.

Below are few pros and cons for this remote as well


  • Keys are customizable
  • Offers a very wide range of devices computability.
  • Design of the remote is very premium


  • There is no IRR receiver with this remote.
  • Supports AAA battery and not the charger.

So this is the list of available remote control that you can buy for your KODI in order to enjoy the KODI media streaming from a distance.

We hope that this article would help you in choosing the best remote control for KODI.