Best VPN For Fire TV Stick and Kodi 2020

Best Kodi VPN

KODI is probably one of those biggest online media streaming platforms today which are being used at a very massive scale globally, and hence this name of KODI requires no introduction. The online media streaming trend is something today, that is reaching its peak in the modern generation, and online media streaming is literally something that almost each one of us is aware with as we use it in our daily lives.

Since we are living in the generation where the things are done using the Internet based platform and the media broadcasting is also one of those things which are broadcasted using the Internet platform. In the ancient time the traditional sources of media broadcasting used to be the wired networked Televisions for the video graphical media broadcasting, and the radio broadcasting for the verbal media broadcasting.

Today in the modern generation the concept of that wired connection media broadcasting has been completely replaced, by the online media streaming. In the online media streaming the media broadcasting is possible without the wired connection, and just using the Internet the media broadcasting can be conducted from anywhere, and at anytime.

The platform of KODI has provided us a platform using which we can access the online media streaming facilities from anywhere, that too at free of cost and with the option of streaming the wide content of media, being at this platform of KODI.

As we know that the platform of KODI is based on the open source platform, and by the open source we mean that any third party media house, which is having the media content with it can integrate itself with the KODI, and provide the media broadcasting to the users directly using the KODI platform.

On the other hand KODI is an open source from the user’s perspective, as well in the way that any user who is willing to stream the online media on KODI can join this platform easily, just by installing the KODI into their system.

KODI being such an open source of media streaming, where there is no control neither on the activities of the  users, nor on the media broadcasting channels, causes an element of threat to all of the KODI users.
That element is a kind of threat to the privacy, and other data information of the user’s who are streaming the media over the platform of KODI, and that’s what makes the KODI as a susceptible source, of media streaming for many users.

Today in this article we are going to talk about the solution, using which such an element of threat can be completely eliminated from the user’s mind, who are streaming the media with the KODI platform.

We are providing the list of best VPN service providers for the KODI and the FIRESTICK media streaming, using these VPN’s the privacy of the users can be kept with the safest hands possible.

Express VPN

Express VPN literally needs no introduction in the landscape of VPN’s this express VPN is considered to be the Royal king of all VPN service providers. Express VPN is the most premium VPN available on the Internet at a global scale. Although Express VPN is comparatively expensive than the other VPN’s, but trust us its features and the services altogether are worth the cost of this VPN.

  • Provides compatibility to almost all kind of Operating system and their devices be it windows, Android, Mac, Linux or any other.
  • Provides more than the 148 servers to choose from across the 94 countries.
  • Provides 256 bit a very high class data encryption.
  • Anonymous browsing and keeps no logs of users activities.
  • Provides the facility of using 3 devices with a single subscription.
  • Very fast and 24/7 available customers support

Pure VPN

Pure VPN is the first name which hits our mind when it comes to provide the complete safeguard to the data information, and the privacy of the users. Pure VPN is a Hong Kong based GZ system developed VPN services, and is also the most used VPN services at a global scale.

The services of Pure VPN are the most compatible for the users, at a various Internet activities aspects of the users. Pure VPN safeguards your privacy fully when you are either playing games, Streaming media, surfing the web, working on a secret project or be it any activity on the Internet, Pure VPN keeps its users privacy in the safest hands possible.

  • The features of Pure VPN includes such as the
  • Fully data encryption from one end to the other.
  • Website blocking services to keep the unwanted sites away.
  • Automatic Internet kill switch to shut the Internet activity after a certain specified time.
  • Provides more than 750 servers to choose from to boost the Internet speed for its users.
  • Unlimited threshold of data or media streaming over any activity or website.
  • Spilt tunneling feature allows the users, to bifurcate the data which is to be sent through the VPN or the ISP.
  • Keeps no logs of its users activities and provide the 24/7 customers support.


IPVANISH VPN is the other name in our list after the Pure VPN. This is another name which is fully reliable, when it comes to the KODI or the FIRESTICK media streaming. This is a United States based VPN services, which provides its services more than The 60 countries across the Globe.

IPVANISH is comparatively cheaper than the Pure VPN, but provides almost head to head services with the Pure VPN. IPVANISH has earned its credible name, among the users in a very short span of time just because of its services. The feature that this IPVANISH VPN provides includes the following such as

  • Internet Protocol cycling facilities which enables the users to get connected to as many IP addresses as may be available on the IPVANISH VPN.
  • Unlimited P2P data traffic facilities to the users.
  • Provide as many as 850 severs across the 60 plus countries of services.
  • No logs of its user’s activities on their server.
  • Unlimited media or data suffering.
  • Cost is very economical compared to other VPN services.

So these are the best VPN services providers that are available to provide the best security to your media streaming, whether you are streaming it on the KODI platform or the FIRESTICK devices.

You may choose the one from them that satisfies your cost effective requirements, and also serves you at the best. We hope that this article would help you in choosing the best VPN for you, feel free to ask us for any further assistance.