5+ Best WWE Kodi Addons To Watch WWE Live Streaming

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In today’s topic, we are going to discuss the KODI in the terms of the media content that it offers to the users. WWE is a worldwide known wrestling game, and due to that it has the fan followings almost from all the nations, and there are the users on the KODI as well who want to have the access on the WWE, using the platforms of the KODI.

The platform of KODI is having a very vintage legacy as the platform was built more than a decade back by the XBMC foundation, and since then the KODI has a very high credibility both in the terms of content, and the quality of the content along with all the modern features.

The platform is built upon the open source which enables the third party media houses to be integrated with the platform of KODI and offers the media broadcasting directly to the users.

If we talk about the open source compatibility from the user’s point of view then the users also get a free platform to stream the media on this platform of KODI and get an abundance of the media streaming capabilities.

KODI is the king of both online media streaming trend, and the versatile content as well. If you are seeking to enjoy your favourite program on any platform, then KODI is most probably the name that you will come across.

So below we are providing you with the list of KODI add-ons that offers an amazing coverage of the WWE content on the KODI platform.

WWE on Demand KODI Add-on

This is the first KODI add-on in our list and it is highly recommended to all the hardcore lovers of WWE wrestling matches. The add-on offers an amazing quality WWE content both in the online live or replays coverage can be had using this add-on.

As the name suggests this add-on is solely dedicated to the WWE leagues and provides you with a wonderful collection of some old iconic WWE events.

All the WWE content on this add-on is updated from the time to time so that the users keep connected with the up to date content without feeling any boredom. This is a must having add-on if you are a true WWE lover.

WWE Network Add-on 

WWE network KODI add-on is the second add-on in our list. This is the third party add-on and the KODI doesn’t have any association with it.  Being the third party add on this add-on comes with the subscription charges which means you have to pay before you start streaming the WWE media on this add-on.

The price that you pay for this add-on is well justified by the WWE content that it offers to its users.

You can watch all the live WWE leagues matches along with the WWE events podcast and all other additional stuff related to the WWE. You must give a trial to this WWE network KODI add-on

Pyramid KODI Add-on

The pyramid add-on probably needs no introduction as this add-on is already well known for its versatile content category. The pyramid KODI add-on not solely dedicated to the WWE league sports rather along with WWE you can watch other TV shows or movies and some other media content on this add-on.

Talking about the WWE coverage this add-on offers a great life and the recorded coverage of the WWE events in the great quality and the sound output.

It offers the coverage of the great show such as the WWE next, raw and Monday night etc. In our opinion, you should definitely give a trial of this add-on.

Bob Unleashed KODI Add-on

Bob unleashed in another magnificent KODI add-on which has been introduced by the NOOBS and the nerd’s repository. This add-on offers an amazing range of various kind of contents such as movies, sports, TV shows, music and all other content.

In the sports segment, this add-on particularly includes the WWE section and the live coverage offering from all the event of WWE league matches.

The quality of content is good along with the video output, and you also get the option of recording the full WWE match league. The Bob unleashed KODI add-on surely deserves a trail from you.

The Dogs Bollocks 

The dogs bollocks is the revolutionary KODI add-on which is the best all in one KODI add-on available in today’s scenario of KODI both in the terms of quality and the quantity of content.

You can find out the full versatile content Category on this platform which includes the movies, sports, TV shows, documentaries, music and all sort of stuff. WWE is the sole focus in the sports segment for this KODI add-on and you can find out the all WWE events in this add-on be it the WWE matches, podcast, interviews and so on stuff.

The Dogs bollocks offers both the live broadcasting of WWE matches, and the WWE replays as well to keep you through your favourite sports.

So these were the best five WWE KODI add-ons that we felt like sharing with you.

We would urge you to go through them and share your opinion about the performance of these KODI add-ons with us.

We hope that the article would help you in choosing out the best WWE KODI add-on for you.