How to Install Cellular Door TV Wizard

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Cellular door TV wizard is basically a KODI build program. This program offers the plethora of content with its numbers of add-ons that comes with this KODI build on. Cellular Door TV wizard is basically a very popular build in KODI media platform.

Cellular TV is compatible with all kind of online media streaming devices, however since the Cellular TV is a very vast KODI build in and having many add-ons in it, it may work well with smaller quality hardware and software based devices as it requires a powerful device interaction to sync in with the live streaming program of its schedule.

Cellular TV has many servers and the add-ons built in inside it to offer you such as Elysium, pyramid, Covenant, and many more. After you open your KODI media just wait for the Cellular TV build in to update all the add-ons and once it uploads all the add-ons, you can now see the various kind of add-ons in your KODI media.

These Cellular TV add-ons has a wide variety of programs to offer you such as live TV, live Matches, favorite movies, serials, animation movies, Drama and everything else you can choose your own favorite programs to watch and enjoy with the KODI media.

We advise you that you before start streaming your favourite media on KODI media software you better integrate the VPN services in your computing network since it will make sure that your data and privacy do not get leaked out to someone’s unsafe hands.

KODI is an open source media program for all the users it does not allow or encourage the piracy of someone’s copyrighted data on the Internet so use only that data on KODI which either belongs to you personally on your local storage or the data is freely available to be used in the public domain.

Download & Install Cellular Door TV Wizard step by step

Here are the steps to follow to install Cellular TV wizard infusion KODI

1. Go to the top left icon of your system setting Check the file manager option there

2. Click on file manager

3. The add source option will appear in left side

4. Click on the add source option

5. Another option will say “None”

6. Click on that

7. You will be asked to enter the URL of cellular TV wizard

8. Enter the URL as

9. Name this added source as Cellar Door and make it OK

10. Recheck again all the fields data to make sure everything is OK

11. After rechecking go back to the main menu

12. Click on add-ons there

13. Now click on the installer package from there

14. Next option click from the zip file

15. A box will slide in the left as Cellar Door

16. Click on the repository zip file


17. The repository file will start downloading wait for it

18. After it is installed click on the install from repository


19. Next select the option of Cellar Door TV Repo

20. Click on the option of program add-ons

21. Next option click on the Cellar Door TV wizard

22. Make it install

23. The pop up will appear as Cellar Door TV wizard installed

24. Click on the next dismiss option

25. Proceed by continuing

26. Click on the Build menu option next

27. Few servers will appear choose the Infusion server among them and Click on the fresh install

28. Go ahead by continuing it

29. It will start downloading

30. Click on the force close after the downloading option

31. Make an exit from the KODI program

32. Restart your KODI software and you will the Build on has been successfully installed.

We are very positive that this article would help you in setting up this Cellular TV wizard enjoy your programs, Happy to help you.