How to Change Kodi 17 Krypton Estuary Skin to Kodi 16 Confluence

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KODI Skin is one of the most important elements in the KODI media software interface, a skin is the first aspect that comes to the mind and taste of any media streaming software users for various reasons. The reasons include the skin decide that whether the software is eye friendly to the users or not, since the media streaming users have to stay for hours on the software and if the skin is not friendly to the eyes of users, it would cause them a difficulty to stay on the KODI media streaming software. Along with it there could be several other impacts that the skin of software can make on the user’s mind and taste such impacts vary users to users.

Well the good news is that the skin of the KODI media streaming software is very much changeable yes you heard it right.

You can change the skin of your KODI software as per your own taste and which feels soothing to your eyes. KODI provides their users with such options of changing skin from one to other in accordance to the taste of users, and changing the skin does not change any other settings of the software, and also it does not make any changes in the added add-ons of the users.

Changing the skin merely changes the interface layout and the colors which provide a soothing and the new experience to the KODI users.

The skin which comes in a default mode of the KODI software is called as estuary which is of blue color and the skin can be replaced by the other available skins option in the KODI software.

The Default skin mode is also known by the name of KODI 17 Estuary confluence and this default confluence include the simple bar with a blue background color along with the other available KODI sections to operate the KODI rightly.

Before the default estuary skin mode the KODI used to have a different skin which was known as KODI 16 Jarvis confluence interface and it is still used by the majority of KODI users.

Steps to Change Kodi 17 Krypton Estuary Skin to Kodi 16 Confluence

Changing the skin in KODI media streaming software is a very easy task it does not require some extra efforts, you may change the KODI skin from default estuary KODI skin to KODI 16 Jarvis confluence.

Follow the following steps in the same order to change the KODI 17 Estuary skin to the old KODI 16 Jarvis confluence.

1. Go to the system icon settings in the top left side of the KODI opening interface.

2. Next click on the interface settings.

3. Now click on the Skin settings option.

4. You will the Estuary option click on that.

5. After clicking on that a new box will open with the option of get more.

6. Next scroll to the downside and you will the confluence option click on it.

7. After clicking on it, It will start downloading and you will be asked that whether you want to keep the changes.

8. Click on yes.

9. And after doing that the KODI skin will get changed back to the old KODI Jarvis confluence and you would be able to witness the vintage KODI interface feel.

Later again if you want to change the KODI skin to the Estuary confluence you may again do that by going to the system setting then interface and from there the final option of Skin will appear.

We hope that this tutorial article helped you in changing the KODI skin from one confluence to other, share your opinion with us and we are always happy to help you.