How To Download & Install CHAPPIE Build Kodi Addons

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We all are aware with the definition and the importance of online media streaming, and we also know that how this online media streaming has changed the mainstream media in today’s scenario. Today we are living in the generation which is evolving very fast from one dimension to other, and with that the medium of how we access the media is also getting changed rapidly.

Earlier any news used to be broadcasted after few days of its happening, now the same news is broadcasted almost the same moment that it happens, and it all had been possible by the change in the medium that we use to cover and broadcast the media.

That medium had been completely changed or evolved now from offline to online with the help of Internet and the Internet enabled devices. We are referring the KODI a very famous medium which has changed the definition of media broadcasting to media streaming.

KODI is the open source software which provides its platform to others media house broadcasting channels to broadcast the same content using its platform however from user perspective it is called media streaming. In this article we are going to talk about KODI CHAPPIE build which also uses the KODI platform in order to broadcast its media content.

We know that KODI build is different than the KODI add-ons in the sense that KODI build consist and offers various add-ons in itself which provides a combined content offering to the users, and on the other hand a KODI add-on only offers its content from the single add on. The CHAPPIE KODI build belongs to the krypton family and offers a great wide range of media content. This KODI build uses the standard X-ONFLUENCE KODI skin which is very classic in its class.

This CHAPPIE KODI build is suited for the family and provides a content category of movies, TV shows, kids shows, music, sports, thrillers and much more stuff and this build consists the famous KODI add-ons such as Neptune rising, maverick TV, boom gold, POKEMON, placenta, star tec, power IPTV and many more this is what makes this build a great hit among the KODI users. Considering these offering we would say that this wow KODI build definitely deserves some space on your KODI list.

We would recommend you to secure your network with Virtual private services integration since the KODI is an open source media centre, and it ensures no safeguard neither to your data that you stream on it, nor to your any privacy and that causes a great threat to your personal information on KODI. However KODI strongly bans streaming the copyrighted and the pirated data on the KODI platform, as this is an illegal task. Stream only public domain or your own personal media on KODI.

Download & Install CHAPPIE Build Kodi Addons

  • Go to the opening page of your KODI software and click on the settings icon option there.
  • After that you will see the file manager option.
  • Clicking on file manager the add source option will appear.
  • Click on add source.
  • And you will be asked to provide the source of media that you want to add on KODI.
  • Provide the URL address of the media source.
  • Type the URL as and make it ok.
  • Now give a name to this added media source as Illuminati and click ok.
  • Recheck all the fields again to make sure everything is correct.
  • Now come back to the main menu of KODI.
  • Click on the add-ons option there.
  • Click on the add browser option in the top left side of the page.
  • Now make install from the zip file.
  • Select the same added media source ILLUMINATI file.
  • Click on the install from ILLUMINATI zip file.
  • It will be downloaded now wait for it.
  • And after downloading click on install from repository.

  • Next click on the program add-ons option.
  • Next click on the ILLUMINATI wizard.
  • Click on the install option now.
  • This wizard will be installed and the pop up will appear.
  • Click on the dismiss pop up messages information.
  • Continue ahead.
  • Click on KODI build menu.
  • Make a fresh install and continue.
  • It will be downloaded and after downloading force close it.
  • You are done.

Re-launch your KODI software to see the added build and enjoy your wow KODI build. We hope that this tutorial article would help you.