How To Enjoy Smooth Playback and Clear Kodi Cache

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We know that KODI is one of those best applications which provide us with the online media streaming capabilities, along with the very wide content category to stream the media from. The platform of KODI is based on the open source, which means that any kind of user can enjoy the media streaming at free of cost.

On the other hand is the open source program the KODI users can add their desired KODI add-ons in order to enjoy their favourite media with the KODI. The platform of KODI has been introduced to us by the XBMC a Non-Profit Organization so that we can have something on the basis of which we can start streaming the online media.

KODI is what which does that job for us and if we see the compatibility aspect of the KODI then we would find that KODI is a kind of software or the application. KODI offers its compatibility to almost all kind of devices, today in the present day such as computer system, mobile devices based on the Android operating system.

Further, you can install KODI on some of the USB flash drives which provide the online media streaming content to the users, such as Amazon Fire TV stick NVIDIA Shield etc. As we know that KODI is a kind of mobile application or the computer software which is installed on the desired device in order to get started with the KODI, and then with the media streaming.

How To Clear Kodi Cache

KODI is being the software or the application contains the user data and the media streaming content log data which is known as the cache data. When you start streaming the media content with the platform of KODI the software of KODI starts retaining the cache data. There comes a time when the cache data gets the substantial amount of space into the KODI software/application, and due to that the performance of media streaming with the KODI starts declining.

Hence it becomes very important for all the users to clean the KODI cache data from the time to time in order to enjoy the best media streaming experience with the KODI. Today in this article we are basically going to talk about that how you can clean the KODI cache data since it is a regular process with the KODI  media streaming and every KODI user should be aware with this process.

This method basically involves using the supreme build wizard within the KODI, by which the KODI cache data is cleaned since it offers some of the maintenance services to the KODI.

Follow the below step to step guide to clear the cache with the supreme build wizard.

  • Launch the KODI software and then head to the settings and click turn on installation from the unknown sources
  • Now come back to the main menu of the KODI and then click on the settings tab there.
  • You will see the file manager option click on it.
  • Next on the add source
  • You need to add the following URL in the add source as and click on ok.
  • Now give a name to this media as supreme and click Ok.
  • Now come back to the main menu of the KODI and there click on the add-ons icon.
  • Next click on the open package in the left side of the page.
  • Click on the installation from the zip file.
  • Choose the name supreme as you gave to the file.
  • Now click on the repository supreme format file and wait for this add-on to be installed.
  • Next, click on the installation from the repository and select the supreme build.
  • Then select the program add-ons having the name of a supreme build
  • Supreme build message will appear you need to dismiss that.
  • Click on the ignore build menu.
  • Now just come back to the KODI home screen and go to the add-ons section.
    Select the supreme build there.
  • Then click on the supreme build maintenance.
  • Click on the supreme build cleaning tools.
  • At last, select the clear cache option.
  • It will start cleaning the KODI cache data and will show the results of files cleaned.

So, this is how the KODI users can clean the cache data from the KODI using the supreme build wizard. We hope that this tutorial guide will help you in this purpose. Feel free to ask for any further assistance.

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