How To Install Covenant on Kodi Krypton 17.6 {Complete Guide]

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KODI is the evolutionary platform of online or the offline media streaming, and why we are saying it as an evolutionary platform because of its contribution in the modern world of digital media streaming. We are living in a world where the media broadcasting and the streaming have reached a different dimension than their previous versions.

In the olden time the media broadcasting and the streaming both used to be very limited, back there the media broadcasting was only possible using the wired connections, and hence there was no feasibility of the portability factor in the media broadcasting.

If we compare that scenario with the present one then we would find that a lot of things have been changed now after the invention of the Internet. Today the media broadcasting is possible using the most portable means and that is the Internet connectivity.

The media broadcasting has all been based on the Internet connectivity, where the media is broadcasted by the media houses using the seamless and the wireless means of the Internet at any time, and anywhere and that is what called the online media streaming.

KODI holds a very significant role in the promotion of the online media streaming due to its platform. KODI is one of those online media streaming platforms which offered its platform in the early phase of the online media streaming trend.

As the platform of KODI was and still is open source based as well as free of any signing up charges, it attracted a masses of the users around the world. In the present scenario, there are millions of the KODI users across the world at the platform of the KODI.

Being an open source platform KODI integrates plenty of the third party media houses at its platform which is commonly known as the Kodi add-ons. These add-ons have been introduced by their respective platforms, and they do vary from each other in the context of their media content offerings.

We know that KODI being an open source platform doesn’t safeguard your privacy and other such personal information at its platform. It becomes your own responsibility to safeguard your privacy in your own hands.

We would recommend you to secure your open network with the help of Virtual Private Network it hides the public IP address availability and keeps it in the safe hands. After hiding your IP address with the VPN you will be fully safe to stream the media safely on KODI platform.

There is one other thing that you should keep in your mind while streaming the media on KODI platform. KODI is although an open source platform yet it doesn’t allow the users to stream the copyrighted or the pirated media streaming on its platform.

It is an illegal act of media streaming and hence KODI bans it completely. You can only stream that media on KODI platform which is available free to be streamed in the public domain.

Today in this article we are basically going to talk about the Covenant KODI add-on which is the modern form of the vintage Exodus KODI add-on.

There are always masses of the KODI users who have been in love with the Exodus KODI add-on, due to its wide content offering but the Exodus KODI add-on could not cope up with the fast-changing taste of the KODI users. Now there is Exodus KODI add-on which has given a re-birth to the Exodus KODI add-on.

After the request of so many users, we thought to come up with an article which can elaborate the way that how the users may install the Covenant KODI add-on on the KODI krypton 17.6. Covenant KODI add-on is an excellent source of the movies, music, sports, TV shows and such segments

Covenant KODI add-on is basically the fork of the Exodus KODI add-on or we should say that this is the upgraded version of the Exodus KODI add-on.

Exodus KODI add-on couldn’t match up with the modern demands of this generation, due to its outdated features and this is what led to the invention of the Covenant KODI add-on.

You will get all the modern and the updated features with the Covenant KODI add-on with the same legacy and the wide content of the Exodus KODI add-on, in fact, better than that.

In today’s article, we are basically going to talk about that how you can install the Exodus KODI add-on, at the KODI krypton.

Follow these steps below in the same order to install Covenant KODI add-on.

  • First of all, you will need to download the covenant KODI add-on zip file from this   URL address
  • Now launch the KODI and head on to the KODI add-ons menu

  • There click on open the package installer

  • Next click on installation from the zip file and it will navigate you to the path where you downloaded the Covenant zip file.

  • Select the zip file and the installation process will now begin and after it is done you will see the notification pop up on your screen

  • Now go back to the package installer option and there click on the install from the repository

  • You will see a list of repositories select the video add-ons from them

  • Another page will open find the Covenant named file there and click on it

  • Once you click on it, it will start downloading
  • Once it is downloaded just install it

After the installation, you will be done with the Covenant KODI add-on installation on the KODI krypton 17.6. Now just open this Covenant KODI add-on and you will be all set to start streaming the media with it.

We hope that this tutorial article would help you in installing the Covenant KODI add-on at the KODI krypton 17.6. If you face any such issue you may contact us freely anytime for further assistance