Covenant Not Working & No Stream Available : Solution Fixed

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Are you facing the issues with the covenant on Kodi? So there a solution for this issue. Here we are providing you with steps that will help you a lot.

Method to fix Covenant Not Working Issue

  •  Open “Covenant add-on”
  • Click on “Tools option”
  •  Then “Settings”>”General”
  •  Now  provide “Timeout is 30 or not”
  •  Select “Playback” option that you will find beside the “Provided timeout option”
  •  Turn on “Hosters with captchas”
  •  Set maximum quality to “1080p”
  •  Select “Ok” option
  •  Select the “Covenant clear cache”
  •  Now click on “Yes”
  •  Click on covenant “Clear Providers”
  •  Click Yes
  •  Lastly, choose your favourite video to watch

 Ways to Optimize Kodi For Resolving The Buffering Problems

Every Kodi user faces the common buffering problems. So we are providing you with ways to solve this issue. Read the Methods below;

Method 1

  • Open“Kodi”
  • Go to “Settings” and then select “Player Settings”
  • On the left-hand side of your screen, you will find “Standard Mode” option
  • Convert that option to “Expert Mode”
  • On the top of your screen, click on videos
  • The “Processing” option will appear where you will see 3 settings and they are as follows;
  1. First is – “HQ scaling to scaling above”. In this, you have to change the setting from “20%” to “0%
  2. Allow hardware acceleration- media codec (surface). Turn off this setting.
  3. Allow hardware acceleration – media codec. You must turn off this setting as well.

Method 2

  1. Select the “System setting” option from the top of your Kodi home screen
  2. From the bottom select “File Manager”
  3. Select “Add Source”
  4. Click on “None”
  5. Put The address is “” or “” and click “OK”
  6. Name for this media source as TT and click OK
  7. Go back to the main “Kodi Home Screen” then click on the “Add-ons”
  8. Select “Open box Icon”
  9. Click on “Install From Zip file”
  10. You will see the “TT” option
  11. Scroll down and click the “Maintenance” option
  12. Select “Kodi 17”
  13. After some time you will get the “Notification”
  14. “Restart” your Kodi