How To Download & Install CRYPTO TV Kodi Addons

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When we talk about the online media streaming KODI is the top notch name, which click in our mind due to its heavy usage in our daily media streaming schedule we all are familiar with this KODI name. Well if still you are one of those who does not have any clue of this name let us introduce the KODI to you.

KODI is an open source media streaming center which got its birth a long while ago from the XBMC foundation, and since then till now it has emerged as the best media streaming player out there in the town of media streaming lovers. KODI has gained a huge popularity across the world among the online media streamers as it provides a great compatibility to almost all kind of operating systems and the devices available out there. The operating systems with whom it provides its compatibility includes Microsoft windows, Android, Linux, Amazon FIRESTICK and many others.

KODI media streaming center gave new definitions to the online media streaming trend by providing its free platform to all the media streaming lovers. This is one of the oldest media streaming center which came into emergence when the trend of media broadcasting era was turning into online from the offline era.

Information systems are the other evolved things which have integrated the world within a handful size of a machine. There was a time when if someone is wanting to watch video media streaming then the person had to first get a television then, it had to be configured with the antenna connection to provide the media streaming and that used to be a very hectic process indeed.

Today that whole process went down with the advent of Internet and the online media streaming capabilities providing information devices. Now you just need an Internet enabled smart phone and the KODI platform to stream the media online. KODI provides that media streaming content from its guests whom we know as KODI add-ons.

In this article we are going to talk about the same such add on whose name is KODI crypto addon. The crypto add-on has been developed by the MALCHUSTV repository, and it uses the ZEN template building interface which provides a great interface to KODI users. As the name suggests this is a live TV KODI add on which is famous to cover the news from the financial sector such as the CRYPTO CURRENCY, and other news and not only this  add-on offers a great range of other medias such as movies, music, TV shows, animation stuff, serials, kids zone, sports section and much more.

The content video quality is also wonderful it offer all its content in the HD quality with a sharp audio quality. The crypto TV is the best add-on which offers the wide category of news, and other media content in the English and several other languages, and we would say this add on should definitely be having some space in your list seeing the fact that it offers a great combination of news, and other mind refreshing media content.

Before steaming media with the KODI platform it is advisable to you that in order to secure your flow of data and your personal privacy integrate or secure your open network with the Virtual Private Network.

Since we know that KODI is an open source media streaming platform, and there is no such assurance of data safety or security from the KODI for its users. Virtual Private network secure your network internet protocol address, and then none other can track your IP address and finally you can stream as much and of any kind of data on KODI without any risk.

KODI however bans streaming the pirated or the copyrighted data on its platform as it is an illegal offence under the information technology act. So on KODI platform you are allowed so stream only public domain freely available data.

Download & Install CRYPTO TV Kodi Addons

  • Go to your KODI system software and launch it.
  • Now go to the system settings icon which is located in the top left side of KODI opening interface.

  • There you will see the file manager option click on that

  • After clicking on that you will see the add source option.
  • Click on add source.

  • Now there you will be asked to provide the media source address that you want to add on KODI.

  • Now next give a name to this added media source as crypto and make it ok.

  • Once again review all the fields to check all the information are correct.

  • Then go back to the main KODI opening menu.
  • Click on the addons there.

  • Then click on the package installer.

  • Now click on the installation from the zip file.

  • Various boxes will slide outward click on the Crypto box.

  • Then among various other options click on the PLUGIN video crypto TV zip format.

  • Now wait this add-on will start downloading.

After It installs that will be located from the main menu in Video–>Addons.

  • Once the add-on is downloaded a notification will pop up as add on installed and you will be done with that.

We hope that this of tutorial article would help you in installing this Crypto TV KODI add on, if you still face any issue just feel free to ask us any further and enjoy your KODI streaming.