How To Setup And Install Desi Zone Addons on Kodi

Online media streaming is getting its peak these days due to many factors, and one of that most top factor is the revolution in the medium of media streaming or the way that media is being broadcasted these days. There was a time probably a decade ago when the media streaming used to be done in a completely different way.

That was the traditional media broadcasting arena when the media was broadcasted using the traditional television and the radio channels while the radio channels used to be wireless the televisions were wired with antenna connection for video graphical media streaming.

In this one decade, a lot has changed the Internet is taking the world into a different direction where the media streaming is done without any wired connection and just at the tap of your finger anywhere and anytime. Internet uses some of such medium which makes it possible to stream media being anywhere, and those mediums are the smartphones, and the medium streaming platform.

Today in this article we are talkie about the same platform which has made it possible to stream media from anywhere, yes we are talking about the KODI media streaming platform. It was developed by the XBMC foundation a while back seeing the change in the trend, and in the expectations of the users. This platform enables other media house to broadcast their media using the KODI platform, and for that purpose, those media broadcasting houses integrate with KODI and we call them the KODI add-ons.

In this article, we are going to talk about one such KODI add-on whose name is DESI zone KODI add-on. Well if you are an Indian or from Asian continent or at least a Hindi language fanatic then we believe you must have already been aware with the DESI zone KODI add-on. The DESI zone is a third party famous Indian IPTV KODI add-on. The term IPTV is used to refer that this KODI adds on offers the wide range of Indian TV channels which can now be seen using the online KODI media streaming medium.

The DESI zone add-on is very famous and the hot demand among the Indian users due to the variety that it covers, and the content that this add-on offers to its users. This add-on is developed by the super repository, and the DESI zone content includes movies, TV shows, reality shows, thrillers, music, cartoons, news, sports and the list goes on.

We would simply say that if you do not want to miss out on any Indian based media content, then you should simply keep this DESI zone KODI add-on in your list. We would recommend you to secure your computing network fully with the virtual private network, since we know that the KODI is based on the open source media, and this is the reason that why this program is always vulnerable to the hacking perspective, and it puts a great threat to the privacy and the data information of the users.

Secure your network with VPN and make a threat-free unlimited media streaming with KODI. On the other hand, the KODI also restricts the media streaming of the pirated, or the copyrighted media since it is an illegal offence under the eyes of information technology law. KODI encourages you to always stream that media on its platform, which is either freely available in the public domain or belongs to you personally.

Setup & Install Desi Zone Add-ons on Kodi

  • Open your KODI media streaming centre.
  • Go to the system settings icon in the left side and there click on the file manager option.

  • Clicking on the file manager option next you will be asked to provide the source of your media that you want to add on KODI.

  • Click on that and insert the URL address of your media source that you want to add on KODI.

  • Click on NONE
  • Insert the URL and press Done. {Repo is Down. We’ll update the new post once we have new working one}
  • Now give a name to this added media source as “SUPER REPO” and click ok.

  • Check all the fields once again to ensure that everything is ok and good to go.
  • Now come back to the opening page of KODI media and Click on add-ons there.

  • Now click on install from zip file
  • Click SuperRepo 
  • Now click on (x.x.x is version)
  • Click on the install from repository.

  • Click on SuperRepo All
  • Click on video add-on
  • Next click on TV on Desi Zone
  • Click on install
  • Wait for TV on Desi Zone Add-on installed message
  • And finally, Desi zone add-on is installed on your device.

We hope that this tutorial article would help you in installing the DESI zone add-on on KODI media streaming centre. Do let us know if you still face any issue while installing this add-on.

  How To Install Desi Zone Kodi Addon

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