How to Install Don TV Kodi Add-ons

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Don TV is a media streaming KODI add-on which is introduced by the TOJELAKO Repository. Don TV KODI add-on is best known for its live media streaming from the different-different countries. The section of live media that DON TV allow to let their users access includes, Sports channels, Football leagues, Science fiction channels, Kids zone, Movies channels, serials, Dramas shows and much more.

The DON TV has its identity as a brand new KODI add-on on which is considered to be all in all KODI for a genuine reason and that reason is the versatile virtue of this add-on. This add-on has its reach over the media content channels of all over the world and it lets the users, to access all those channels on its single KODI add-on platform without any trouble. The users may access their favourite channel from the available category as per their mood and demand.

The streaming of various media channels across the world lets a user understand the cultures and the tradition of other countries which makes a harmony among the cultures of world.
Since the DON TV includes its media content across the world the content that they provide is available in a global language such as English which makes it easy for the users to understand the content easily.

Before Using the KODI add-on media streaming make sure that you integrate your network with the Virtual Private Network services, since we know that KODI media is always vulnerable to the theft or the spying of personal information and using the Virtual Private Network (VPN) will make sure that your privacy always remain in the safe hands.

Download & Install Don TV Kodi Add-ons

KODI media prohibits the media streaming of any copyrighted or the pirated data on its media streaming platform, It allows only that data to stream on its platform which is available in public domain or belongs personally to the users.

This is how you can install DON TV on KODI add-on.

1. Open KODI software.

2. Select the system setting icon in the top left.

3. Go to the file manager option there.

4. Now add the media source which is blank as default.

5. Click on none option.

6. You will be asked to add media source.

7. Enter the URL of your media source as

8. Give this media source name as TOJELAKOREPO and click ok.

9. Now again come back to the main menu.

10. Click on the add-on.

11. Make an installation from the zip file.

12. Select TOJELAKOREPO file next.

13. Now select the repository TOJELAKOREPO zip file.

14. Select install from this repository file.

15. Select TOJELAKOREPO Repository zip file.

16. Now select the video add-ons next.

17. Choose the DON TV KODI add-on.

18. Install it.

19. The add-on enabled notification will appear.

20. With the appearance of the add-on enabled option your program is successfully installed.

We believe that you would enjoy this DON TV KODI add-on, Do let us know that in the comment section below. We are always happy to help.