How to Install Dubbed Anime Kodi Add-ons

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Dubbed anime is the new enchanting KODI add-on from the cosmic saint Repository. If you are someone who loves watching the creative animated stuff across the world in your own language or in a global language like English then this KODI add-on must having on your list.

The Dubbed anime as its name depicts, broadcasts the all form of animated media such as traditional simple animation, 2D animation, 3D animation, stop motion, Motion graphics, animation based movies, and other form of creative animated media.
They include the animated shows in their content list across the globe and they broadcast such animated media based shows in the dubbed form means either in your native language or in the globally known English language.

The Dubbed anime is the most famous and the most sought add-on, on the KODI platform by the population of the kids class section if you are not interested in the animation shows then honestly speaking this add-on is of no use for you since the content of this add-on is all about the animated Media ,However the kids of your house will still be seeking this add-on on at the most as the kids are the targeted audience of this add-on and honestly there is no better add-on than this one for your kids.

This add-on will also serve the purpose of some language learning tutorial for your kids since the content is dubbed in English language which will make it all fun for the kids to be familiar with the language in the most entertaining way available out there.

Download &  Install Dubbed Anime Kodi Add-ons

Before you go for KODI media streaming it is advisable to you that secure your network with the help of Virtual Private Network (VPN) to keep your privacy safe in your own hands.

Follow these steps to install Dubbed Anime KODI add-on.

1. Open KODI software opening media page.

2. Now go to the top left icon of system setting.

3. You will find file manager option there.

4. Click on that.

5. Now you will be asked to add the media source that you want to add on KODI.
Click on the “None” option and now you will be asked to enter the URL of your source.

6. Enter the URL as

7. In the next box give this media source a name of BLAMO.

8. Recheck everything and come back to the main menu.

9. Click on the add-on after that you will see the package installer option click on that.

10. Click on the next option of install from zip file.

11. A new box will open with some options.

12. Select the BLAMO option.

13. Click on the repository BLAMO zip format file.

14. It will now start downloading.

15. After it is downloaded click install from this repository file.

16. Next click on the BLAMO repository.

17. Click video add-ons option now.

18. Click on the Dubbed anime option next.

19. And finally click on the install option and it’s done.

We hope that you would like this add-on and also this article will help you in setting up this add-on correctly. Share your views with us, we are always happy to help.