How To Setup & Install Durex Kodi Build

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KODI being the open source of media streaming platform is known as one of the most prominent name in the online or the offline media streaming platform. It has been founded by the XBMC foundation, a long while more than a decade back. KODI has been serving its customers since then till now, with an utmost pride and the free of cost availability.

KODI was developed keeping in mind the thing that at that time there was no such media streaming platform for online or offline media streaming, using which the users may start media streaming.

It was the time when the trend of the online media streaming just came into the emergence, and the people were gradually being known and interested towards the online media streaming from the offline traditional source of media, such as using the radio and the Televisions, as it was the only source of media streaming back then.
With the Innovation of the Internet and its rapid usage among the people is what inspired the XBMC foundation to innovate something like a KODI platform and they provided the platform of KODI before any other platform of media streaming.

The best thing about this platform of KODI is that it is available at free of cost and this platform provided a golden opportunity to other media broadcasting  sources to be integrated with the KODI using the KODI platform and such factors attracted a masses of KODI media streaming lovers.

Today in this article we are going to talk about one of the KODI add build whose name is DUREX KODI build. Before discussing about the DUREX KODI build let’s just understand the difference between the KODI add-on, and the KODI build.

A KODI add-on is an individual source of media broadcasting over the KODI platform, while the KODI build contains many such individual sources of media broadcasting in it. In other words the KODI build holds many KODI add-ons inside itself

DUREX KODI build is a very popular build among the KODI users. DUREX is a third party developed build hence KODI has no role in its development, so ask any question related to this field only to the developers of this build.
This is a very charming KODI build which has a very wonderful user interface. DUREX KODI build very drastically transforms the overall look of the KODI program. This DUREX KODI build come packed with loads of advanced features, and the bundles of the KODI add-ons.

The DUREX KODI build contains the following KODI add-ons such as the Placenta, Neptune rising, Uranus and some others KODI add-ons. The list is so long of this KODI add-on that it contains almost all kind of versatile content in its lap. It has abundance of the content in its bucket, that you would be very tempted to stream once you are done with the installation of this DUREX KODI build.

The content quality of the DUREX KODI build is all in HD class along with the awesome voice backup. This is the build which has an amazing balance of both the high content category, and also the high class quality of the content. Our final opinion about this build is that being a KODI media streaming lover, this build certainly deserves a space in your KODI, give it that

Before you start streaming the media on the KODI platform keep in mind, that KODI being the open source media streaming program doesn’t provide any assurance of safety neither to your privacy or the data. If you want to safeguard your privacy, and other information just integrate your open network with the Virtual Private Network services.

It will keep your IP address in the safest hands, and will provide you the unlimited media streaming being fully safe with your privacy.

KODI is although an open source of media streaming platform, but it still bans the pirated or the copyrighted media streaming at its platform, since this is an illegal media streaming hence also punishable. You can stream only that media on KODI which is available, in the public domain or belongs to you personally.

Setup & Install Durex Kodi Build

  • Go to your KODI media software and launch it then go to the system settings icon which is located in the left side of the page.

  • There you wll find the file manager section.
  • Click on that.

  • And now the add source option will come click on it.

  • There you will need to add the URL address of your media that you want to add on the KODI.

  • Then name this media source as DUREX and make it ok.

  • Now just review All the fields again to make sure everything is correct and good to go.

  • Then come back to the home page of the KODI and click on the add-ons section.

  • There you will see the package installer just install it and it will start downloading.

  • After downloading make an installation from the zip file.

  • A box will open with some options select the DUREX among them.

  • Now select the program. PLUGIN. wizard zip file.

  • Now this add-on will start downloading wait for it

  • The pop up will appear after the downloading click on dismissing it and continue further.
  • Next a pop up will appear as there is no build installed then just click on the build menu.
  • Again if it pops up, just dismiss it.

  • Now you should be able to see the build.

  • Next just scroll to down, and select the DUREX build

  • Now just make a fresh installation and select the continue, if the pop up appears.

  • This build will now be installed.

  • After it is done you will see the pop up as reload or forces close this page.

With it you will be done installing this KODI build. To see this KODI build in your KODI, just shut down the KODI and restart it again. You will see this KODI build being installed there.

Now you may start streaming your favorite media with this DUREX KODI build.
Feel free to ask us for any further help.