Fantastic Beasts Kodi Add-on Install Guide

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The Fantastic Beast Kodi add-on is a new resource for all the people who like wildlife, sanctuaries, flora and fauna and animals. For these people, they need to get the Fantastic Beast Kodi add-on right now. This add-on also has many documentaries and movies and TV shows that are based on animal-related themes.

This adds on has now become a very good source for having animals and wildlife-related TV shows and movies. This adds on has been named Fantastic Beast after the recently released movie The Fantastic Beasts.

The Fantastic Beast Kodi add-on is a new add-on from Illuminati repository and it also has various great features that have a large collection of tons of videos of animal and wildlife documentaries, movies and TV shows from all over the world.

Since we know that Kodi is open source, so there are many developers who develop this add-on for Kodi. These add-ons are divided into two groups. One is the official and other is unofficial. This add-on is present in the unofficial group hence it is not available on official forums.

Fantastic Beasts Kodi Add-on

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How to Download & Install Fantastic Beasts Kodi Add-on

These add on that is the Fantastic Beasts add on is installed from the Illuminati repository and we will need to install it first. But almost like all other add on we need to first install the Kodi File manager before installing the repository.

Step 1 : we need to see for sure that the Unknown sources option is enabled before installing any third party add on in Kodi. From the settings option in top left corner go and select add on option and see that Unknown source is enabled or not. When we enable Unknown source there will be a pop up and we need to select yes in it.

Step 2 : Then come back to the Kodi home screen and then again click on settings icon and then we need to find the file manager option and the select the add source in the left panel.

Step 3 : We need to click <none> in the add file source that opens and then add the file path as shown: and then click Ok.

Step 4 : We come back to the Add file source screen and then click the field under “Enter a name for this media source” and then type in a name of our choice. Since it is the source for the Illuminati repository, we give it a name as illuminati_beast. We need to remember the name that we choose.

Step 5 : From the Kodi home screen, we click on add-on in the left pane and then click the Addon browser icon at the top left of the screen. We click on the install zip file option. In the previous step whatever the name that was chosen needs to be selected. After that click on the to begin the installation. After a certain time a confirmation will come in the top right side of the screen.

By doing all these steps we need to install the Illuminati add-on and hence we need to be on add on browser page and select install from repository. Click the Illuminati Repo repository, then click Video add-ons and finally click on the Illuminati add-on.

From the Illuminati information screen, we will click on the install button that is as usual present at the bottom right. The add-on will be installed and a confirmation will come at the top right of the screen.

The Main Content Sections

After the installation is complete we find that there are various sections for the people to look from and choose what to watch from various categories.

The various sections are :

  • African Animals
  • North American Animals
  • South American Animals
  • European Animals
  • Australian Animals
  • Asian Animals
  • Animals in Antarctica
  • Animals of the Ocean
  • Mythical Beasts
  • Prehistoric Monsters

Fantastic Beasts Kodi Add-ons