How to Install Firecat Kodi Addons 2018

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FIRECAT is a media introduced by the UKODI repository and it basically has a section of movies, cartoons, TV shows, box sets, sports channels, live tv online media streaming and some other sort of music categories to offer to its audiences.

The content of the FIRECAT media is a very vast and fresh they keep on updating their content collection every now and then they have over hundreds of popular movies with the current trend to offer in their box.

You can watch live sports matches, famous TV shows, cartoon and animated movies, and also they offer some music categories to suit your mood.

So if you are a FIRECAT media lover who always wants to be around their content, then you should add this media to your KODI add-ons to enjoy your favorite content with the KODI software.

It will enhance your experience of watching your favorite shows with the FIRECAT media, since the KODI media software provides you with a high quality video definition along with the nice audio quality to give you an amazing experience of watching your favorite shows with your favorite Add-ons.

It is advisable to you that you use VPN services before you use the KODI add-on services for video streaming on this platform, since using the VPN services will make sure that the data you stream on KODI remains in the safe hands with an utmost privacy.

Also keep in mind that KODI does not encourage the data piracy of any website which has the copyright title on and we suggest you to play only that data on KODI platform which either personally belongs to you or available in the public domain.


Download & Install Firecat Kodi Addons Step By Step

This article will help you in setting up the FIRECAT add-ons, Follow the instructions step by step

1. Tap on the left of your KODI opening icon

2. The file manager option will appear among some other options

3. Click on the file manager option after which you will see add source option

4. Click on the add source option after which you will be asked to insert the URL of you add-on source

5. Insert the URL as and click OK

6. In the next box you will be asked to name this added media source

7. Name this media source as UKODI 1 and click ok

8. Review this procedure once again and make sure that you have not missed on anything

9. Now go back to the main menu and click on the add-ons feature.

10. Then open the package installer.

11. Select the option of installation from the zip file.

12. A new box will slide to you with a name of UKODI 1 option just click on it

13. Click on the next option of installation from repository

14. Now Click on UKODI 1 locker zip file

15. Now the repository file will be downloaded and after it is downloaded the pop up will appear as repository download.

16. Click on the option of install from repository

17. Next option will appear the UKODI 1 file click on it

18. You will see the FIRECAT click on it

19. Click on the install option and you are all done

We Believe that this article would help you to make your favorite add-on on the KODI media and share your experience with us.