How to Fix : Kodi Exodus No Stream Available Error in 2018

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Exodus is developed by Cold Fire. It is undoubtedly one of the best options if you want to stream your favourite movies/TV shows online, without any stoppage. Despite being shut many times, it made its way back in the market.

Solution to Fix Exodus No Stream Available 2018 Error

It is now available on various repositories that include Kodi Bae, Kodi Israel, K Norris, XvBMC, and Lazy Kodi. If you come across the no stream available error then follow the steps below:

Method 1- Clear Providers and Cache

  • Launch Exodus add-on in Kodi
  • Select the “Tools” tab to clear providers and cache
  • After scroll down and then tap the “Exodus: Clear Providers” option
  • Lastly click the “Exodus: Clear Cache” option

Method 2- Change the Set Providers Timeout

  • Open the Exodus Kodi add-on
  • Select “Tools” from the menu
  • Click on “Settings: General” the very first option
  • A pop-up box will appear. Select “General” again
  • Change the “Providers Timeout” to 20-30

5 Method to Fix Kodi No Stream Available Issue

We are providing you with the five best ways to fix the no stream available problem. If you are also facing the similar problem and looking for the best solution then you are at right place. Today we are providing you with the best possible solution for this issue. But let’s tell you first that when your video stops while streaming or plays but buffers periodically is a completely a different problem which hinders the entire entertainment experience.

It is nothing as compared to Kodi “No Stream Available” error message. So, below we are providing you with a detailed guide for various problems that lead to the issue and also the ways to fix them.

1. Make Sure You Are Not Using an Abandoned Add-on

If you are using the old addon Genesis add-on, you must be aware that it was replaced by an add-on called “Exodus”. If you use Exodus, then you should know that Covenant has replaced it. If you are using Covenant then it is vital to know that it has various replacements in different forks. Developers introduce add-ons which first become popular and then disappear. Although you can these add-ons they may not provide the relevant support which they provided initially. If you use abandoned or outdated add-ons for streaming movies and TV shows then it is time to use some new add-on to get around the “No Stream Available” error.

2. Clear the Cache and Provider in the Add-on

We have come across this issue a many of times before when none of the links for the episode or movie works and displays the Kodi “No Stream Available” error. Clear the providers and cache in the add-on is an easy solution to this problem. You can use the extension called Indigo that helps to manage and maintain the Kodi platform. Once the extension is installed click on the “Clear Cache” from the maintenance tools menu. If the problem still persists, try some of the other methods given below.

3. Check if Your Internet Speed is Fast Enough

We know it sounds a bit weird, but when while streaming, 9 times out of 10 – the issue is with your internet connection. It is a very common reason for the failure of Kodi streaming that leads to the “No Stream Available” error. At least the minimum speed should be the 10mbps connection. 25-50mbps is would be perfect.

4. Troubleshoot your Kodi Application

This also happens sometimes. The Kodi application gets bogged down drastically after using it for a long time and installing new add-ons regularly. All extensions start giving trouble and it becomes hard to figure out why we are there so many errors, especially the “No Stream Available”  along with other playback issues when watching live events and movies/TV shows. Under such circumstances, the easiest way is factory reset and bring the app to an absolutely new condition.

5. Try Using some other Sources and See if They Work

The add-ons that are responsible for streaming movies/TV shows use various channels to provide us with sources to view content with a good level of convenience. If several methods are not working, then a good method to check if the problem is through the add-on. If it still does not solve the “No Stream Available” error, then reinstall the add-on, or in the worst scenario install the entire Kodi application again.