How To Download & Install Global Tec AIO Kodi Addons

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Global Tec AIO Kodi Addons: KODI is one of the most popular and the oldest media streaming platform that is available in the region of media streaming platforms today. It was developed by a famous Non Profit making organization, whose name is XBMC and the former name of the KODI also used to be as XBMC later, it was changed to the KODI.

The popularity of the KODI is at the peak today in the modern generation, where all the relevant tasks are done today using the Internet and, the media broadcasting is no different than that. Media broadcasting is also done using the online Internet connectivity, with the help of the KODI.

KODI basically works as a host which gets the media content from other media houses, which are integrated at the KODI platform and are known as the KODI add-ons.

Since the KODI is built on the open platform which benefits all the external sources of media content house, such external sources of media although have the media content, but they lack a medium or the platform using which they can make a media broadcasting to the users. KODI provides such media sources a platform to broadcast the media, and in today’s scenario KODI is filled up with such sources of media contents.

In this article today we are going to talk about one such KODI add on whose name is Global Tec AIO KODI add-on. This add-on is introduced by the Star Tec repository and is known to be all in one KODI add-on.

Global Tec AIO KODI add-on is such a wonderful KODI add-on. This add-on basically includes all the famous Star TEC add-ons, and we know that star TEC is one of the best content offering add-on at the KODI platform.

Since Global Tec is known to be all in one KODI add-on, and the benefits of installation of the all in one KODI add-on is that, you just have to install the one KODI add-on, and it alone offers the combined content. While on the other hand you have to install many other KODI add-ons, to have the same content category, which all in one KODI add-on offers being single add-on.

The Global Tec AIO KODI add-on offers the following range of star TEC add-ons such as the swift DREAMZ, Replays R us, MOBDRO, ST DREAMZ, Bert and Ernie, Tickle my bean, BRATZ and many other add-ons. These add-ons are having abundance of the versatile content, as their offerings to the KODI users.

Global Tec AIO KODI add-on provides such an amazing range of the content, and further if we talk about the quality of its content the content is in all HD along, with a wonderful audio quality. You may analyze now enjoying such a wide and the versatile content in all HD class, is what a biggest dream of a KODI media streaming lover.

Considering all these factors we would certainly recommend you to give some space to this Global Tec AIO KODI add-on and it would never disappoint you at any aspect.

Always keep in your mind that KODI being an open source platform of media streaming player is always subject to the risk of privacy leakage, and the theft of other private data information. Being an open source of media streaming there are various kinds of people connected to this platform, and having a different-different purposes into their minds. Some of those are the ones who are always finding ways to bypass your privacy, and misuse it.

Keeping it in mind it becomes your responsibility to safeguard your privacy as the KODI doesn’t provide any such safety assurance to your media. Integrate your network with the Virtual Private Network. It will keep your IP address fully hidden, which in resultant secure all your media data, and the privacy in the safest hands and, you will be able to stream as much media as you may want on this platform.

KODI is although an open source of media streaming platform however, it bans the media streaming of the copyrighted or the pirated media streaming. Since streaming such class of media is an illegal act, and hence is also punishable.

It is always advisable to you to stream only that media on KODI platform which is either available in the public domain, or belongs to you from the local storage of your device.

Download & Install Global Tec AIO Kodi Addons

  • Click on the KODI system software and launch it then go to the system settings icon of this page.

  • Click on the system settings icon and then you will see the file manager option click on the file manager option.

  • Next the add source option will appear there click on the add source in the add source option you need to provide the URL address of the media source that you want to stream on KODI.

  • Next name this added media source as GENTECWIZ and click ok.

  • Now once again review all the above mentioned fields to check if all such fields are correct so that we can proceed further.

  • After that go back to the main menu of the KODI and go to the add ons sections.

  • you will see the package installer option, then click on it and it will start downloading.

  • Once it is downloaded make an installation from the zip file.

  • Then a box will open with few options select the GENTECWIZ and proceed.

  • Again a new box will open select the new repo for GENTEC wizard and proceed.

  • Now click on the repository star TEC zip format file.

  • This repository will also start downloading wait for it to be downloaded.

  • After downloading that it make an installation from this repository.

  • Then click on the star TEC repository.

  • Then on the video add-ons.

  • Next a box will open with several options select the Global Tec AIO from there.

Install it at last.

With this the installation procedure will be completed. Now shut down the KODI and then restart it again then go to the KODI video add-ons section, and there you can see this Global Tec AIO KODI add-on.

Click on the add-on and start media streaming with this add-on. We hope that this tutorial will help you in installing this add-on, and you would enjoy it thoroughly. Feel free to ask us, for any further assistance.