How Can I Fix/Stop Buffering on Kodi?

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Continuous and smooth entertainment experience is what we all love. Interruptions, of any kind, are very annoying, to say the least. Kodi is an entertainment platform used by several people around the world to stream on-demand and high-quality content for free.

This platform helps to bridge the gap between millions of online streamers and hundreds of streaming sources, however, the buffering issues of Kodi buffering aren’t exactly uncommon. Kodi buffering problems become more prevalent as more and more streams get added unchecked. Fortunately, there are few solutions which can fix Kodi buffering issues. So today we are providing the solution to fix the buffering issues of Kodi. Keep reading.

Solution 1- Enable Unknown Sources on Kodi

Before proceeding, You should take care of one thing. Kodi is designed in a way to provide safe entertainment experience. It has many security protocols and features to this end. To prevent unsafe add-ons and builds to from sneaking in, so, by default, Kodi does not give permission for installation from unknown, third-party sources. That doesn’t mean all the third-party add-ons are unsafe. For installing these add-ons, we need to enable unknown sources temporarily. See below to know how you can do it:

  • Select the system settings icon from the main Kodi screen.

  • Click on add-ons and turn on the unknown sources button.

Solution 2:  Stop Kodi Buffering Using Ares Wizard

Ares Wizard is the most widely used Kodi diagnostic and maintenance tool. Let us learn how to use this tool to resolve Kodi buffering problem and tweak cache settings. For this, you first need to install Ares Wizard on Kodi. When you have installed Ares Wizard you can use this tool to solve the buffering problem.

  • Open Ares Wizard and select ‘Tweaks’ button on the top.

  • Now select ‘Advanced Settings Wizard’ button.

  • Select the ‘next’ button.

  • Select the generate settings option.

  • Now what you need to change Video Cache Size by dragging the slider left or right.

As you can see, 900 MB RAM has been spared. Hence, Ares Wizard recommended 270 MB to us. Ares Wizard also provides 4 Buffer Modes as you can see at the bottom of the above picture ‘Apply these settings’ button. These modes are for:

Mode 1: In this mode, Kodi buffers every streaming content which is present on the internet including the one from FTP and cloud source.

Mode 2: This is the default mode. In this mode, Kodi tries to buffer just about everything. This moder even buffers the files playing from the local storage

Mode 3: Buffering is restricted to website streams only

Mode 4: Buffering is completely disabled in this mode.

If you are experiencing buffering issues in Kodi in spite of having substantial RAM size then make sure to select Mode 2. It offers the smoothest playback.

Now Delete Kodi Temporary Files using Ares Wizard Maintenance by the following steps

  • From the ares, wizard click on the maintenance button.

  • Select the Delete Thumbnails and Delete Packages options one by one.

Now the buffering will be solved and you can watch any of your favourite content without any interruption.