How to Install Kodi 17.6 on Amazon Fire Stick TV [Update]

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KODI the platform which gave the first footsteps of the online or the offline media streaming to the modern world requires no as such extensive introduction of itself to the online media streaming enthusiast.

It’s been more than a decade now since the platform of KODI was launched, and since then till now KODI has covered a revolutionary journey as an online media streaming player. This platform has been able to not only win the credibility factor of the users but also has been able to retain over a period of time.

The platform of KODI was developed and launched by the XBMC foundation in the very early phase of the concept of online media streaming trend. KODI was born only to make the concept of online media streaming true so that the world could take a step further in the terms of technology and the generation development.

As was promised by the KODI, it made the dream of online media streaming true by launching its platform, which facilitated the users to stream the media being online at the platform of KODI. KODI indeed gave a new definition to the traditional way of media broadcasting.

KODI initially was launched for the windows based computer system and later as the time kept on passing it offered its platform for various other operating systems, and the devices such as the Android, Linux, Mac and many other modern devices of computing.

KODI also launched its various developed or the upgraded versions of the KODI to keep this platform compatible enough to the demand and the expectations of the modern fast moving world.


As we have discussed above that KODI improved a lot in the terms of its features and also the quality and the quantity of content, that it offers to the KODI users and in the same way or for the same purpose KODI 17.6 is the latest upgraded version of the KODI.

The KODI 17.6 has been introduced by the developing team of KODI so that the newer version could meet the latest changes in the trend of online media streaming. In this newer version 17.6 for KODI many issues have been sorted out, which were being faced by the users, such as the connection connectivity issue, automatic crash of the controller dialogue has been fixed along with many such bugs fixings.

Today in this topic we are going to discuss that how the users of the KODI 17.6 krypton can install it on the Amazon Fire TV stick, but before discussing that I feel that first, we should get to know with the Amazon Fire TV stick.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

In the simple and very straightforward words, Amazon fire TV stick is a kind of USB modem, which is used or which provides the media content to be streamed by its users. The users have to plug in or insert the Firestick TV device into their TV, and the device will offer the best quality media content through the TV by using the Internet connectivity.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

As we know that the definition of media streaming or broadcasting is now getting rapidly changed and the Amazon Fire TV stick is the other invention of the same era.

There is good news for the KODI users who want to access or stream the media using the platform of KODI, they can install the KODI 17.6 krypton version into the Amazon Fire TV stick, and get going with enjoying the content of KODI and the Amazon Fire TV stick together.

Below we are providing you with a guide to install KODI 17.6 on Amazon fire TV stick follow that in the same order:

  • First of all, if your Amazon fire stick is not already set up just plug it into the TV and set it up.
  • Next, you need to prepare now the fire stick device to install the KODI
  • Head to the setting icon of the fire stick and there you will see the device option click on that get at the developer options
  • Once you reach there you will need to enable the ADB debugging option
  • After that enable the installations from third-party sources option

This whole process will set your Amazon fire stick up for the very first time, and after that, we will head to the installation of the KODI in the fire stick.

Follow the step by step guide below:

  • First of all, go to the Amazon app store and from there install the ES explorer which is must to have before we install the KODI
  • Launch this downloaded ES explorer and in the main menu you will see the download manager just click on that
  • In the next menu, you will be asked to provide the name and the path of the root file
  • In the path, field insert the URL and name it as the KODI krypton and make it ok
  • Next, you will see the download now option click on that and the KODI 17.6 krypton will begin downloading
  • After downloading open the file and just make it install
  • Once the installation is finished go to the setting icon and the app manager you will see this installed KODI version there

You will be fully ready to launch the KODI from there and start streaming the media with the KODI being on the Amazon Fire TV stick. We hope that this tutorial article will help you in installing the KODI on fire stick and feel free to ask us for any further assistance.