How To Download & Install Kodi {For Free}

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This platform of the KODI has been developed by the XBMC foundation, which is a Non Profit organization. The platform of KODI Download facilitates the online or the offline media streaming for its users, who want to take the advantage of online media streaming with an utmost fun. As we know that this is an era of Internet and an online media streaming is also the part of it somewhere, since the online media streaming is not possible without the internet connectivity.

With the help of the internet the online media streaming is possible even from the remote, or the unreachable location for the human perspectives. KODI provides its open source compatibility to the both of the users of offline or the online media streaming, and as well as to the media channels which are having the media with themselves for the broadcasting purposes, but lacks a platform for the media broadcasting.

KODI provides its open platform to these media channels, and the content from these media channels is directly offered or broadcasted to the users, who are connected to the platform of KODI for the media streaming purpose. Any user who wants to stream the media being in the both online or the offline mode can access this media streaming service by installing the setup of the KODI into their media streaming devices.With the platform of the KODI the users can play any kind of media formats be it the audio or the video formats.

KODI is known as one of the largest media playing compatibility providers, in the landscape of media players. Along with that KODI offers various kinds of modern media streaming features within its platform, so that the users can make the most out of the KODI media streaming center.If we talk about the KODI content offering aspect then we would like to make you aware, that the platform of the KODI fetches its media content from the external media channels, which are connected to the platform of the KODI.

These media channels are known as the KODI add-ons since they are added within the platform of the KODI. With the help of these KODI add-ons the platform of KODI holds a very vast collection of media offerings within its platform, and is known as one of the most extensive, and the versatile platform of the media content offerings. The content that the platform of the KODI offers to its users includes a very wide category of Movies, TV serials, kids shows, live sports broadcasting, documentaries, thrillers, global news coverage,  animated stuff, music, cultural programs, and much more content.

In simple words we would just say whatever kind of content you can conceive within your mind you can find that content on the platform of the KODI. KODI holds such a huge popularity among its users and there are plenty of reasons behind that. The major of those reasons are its reliability, since KODI is being one of the oldest platforms of the media streaming player, due to that KODI has been able to win the trust of its users and, holds a very reliable media source platform rank among its users.

The other major factor is the free and open source availability since we know that KODI is one of those rarest platforms, which offers theirs media streaming platform at free of cost and KODI’s platform is available at free of cost, for all its users ever since its existence from the beginning.So far we have discussed about the platform of the KODI, and its online/offline media streaming capabilities that it provides to its users at free of cost.

Now the next aspect that comes to the minds of the people who want to start media streaming being at the platform of the KODI, and even before that the another thing that comes to the mind of those users is, that how should they install the setup of the KODI into their media streaming devices, and then how to get going with the online media streaming with the KODI. Well as we know that the platform of the KODI is available at free of cost for all kind of users, and for all kinds of operating systems and their devices.

You just need to download the right kind of installation setup for your concerned device, and then simply install it and with that you will be done with the installation. Now with that the online media streaming facility will be at your single click. Below we are providing you the steps, to how to download the KODI and how to install it afterwards, follow these steps in the same order to download and install the KODI.

How to Download the KODI on Android with an APK file

• First of all go to the settings icon of the Android and there find the security menu click This security menu is disabled by default just enable it

• Now go to the KODI servers to download the setup of the KODI URL of the KODI server is

• After downloading the KODI package next thing is the installation just open the setup and install it • Wait for it until the setup is installed

• Now the setup is installed.

After the installation the very first time when you open the KODI platform it will take slightly longer time to be opening up. Once the KODI software opens up you will see very simple user interface you can customize that interface as per your own preference, and later add some KODI add-ons to start the media streaming.

How to Install the KODI on Android TV

• From your android TV just go to the play store and install the chrome browser from there

• Then select the android TV box while installing the chrome setup