How to Install Vintage Kodi Add-ons

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The vintage KODI add-on is an introductory add on from the Razor Repository. The vintage as the name depicts itself this is an entirely different KODI add-on which focuses mainly on the vintage style retro content in its bucket unlike other Add-ons they set their content on the modern media basis and this is what makes this KODI add-on stands different from the other KODI add-ons.

This KODI add-on is basically a fork or the modified add-on of the old Boom Gold add-on.
Before getting the name of Vintage KODI add-on this add-on was given a new name known as Subzero Gold and presently the add-on is running on by the name of Vintage KODI add-on. The content that it offers to its users includes movies, drama, comedy shows, Sci-fi, western and some other vintage search option.

This retro or vintage content they have on their board is coming from 1950 to 1980 which has an amazing offering to those who loves the vintage style programs the content that they provide is exceptionally well.

While you are using KODI it is always recommended to you that you use a VPN to secure the flow of data between you and the KODI, since KODI is an open source program and anyone may try tracking your data which can put your privacy under a great risk, so better secure your privacy and the data by using the VPN services.

KODI prohibits streaming the copyrighted or the pirated data on its platform stream only that data which either belongs to you or is available in the public domain to be used by general users.

Download & Install Vintage Kodi Add-ons

Follow the above recorded steps as it is to install Vintage KODI ADD-ON.

1. Open your KODI software opening interface and click on top left icon.

2. You will see the file manager option there.

3. Click on the file manager option.

4. Next option will be the add source.

5. Click on the add source option.

6. It will show the none media source.

7. Click on it and you will be asked to enter the URL of your media source.

8. Type the media source URL as

9. In the next box name this media source as RAZER and click Ok.

10. Recheck all the fields again.

11. Now come back to the KODI opening interface page.

12. See the add-on package installer on the top left of the page.

13. Now click on the installation from the zip file.

14. A box will slide with the name of RAZER media.

15. Now click on the repository zip format file.

16. This zip file will start downloading.

17. After it gets downloaded click on the option of install from repository.

18. Click RAZER repository file.

19. Now click on the next option of video add-ons.

20. Click on the next Vintage icon.

21. Click on the last option of install and your add-ons has been successfully installed.



Enjoy the retro media of the Vintage KODI add-on we believe that the article helped you. We look forward for your opinions on this add-on.