How To Fix Failed To Install A Dependency Error In Kodi

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If you are a fan of online media streaming then we assume that you must have been aware with the name of the KODI, and if you are aware with the name of KODI then you are further supposed to be aware with its working pattern as well.

We all know that KODI is an open source of media streaming player which offers its platform to the other media content houses. These media channels are generally known as the KODI add-ons, and hence KODI in itself is a platform which fetches all its media content from the other KODI add-ons.

In the present time, there are plenty of the KODI add-ons that are listed on the KODI and you can yourself add any of your favourite KODI add-ons, at the KODI as per the preference of the media content that you want to stream on KODI.

You can install any KODI add-on at the platform of KODI by following a simple procedure for each of the KODI add-ons.

Today in this article we are going to talk about one such common issue, which is faced by the large amount of the KODI users who are willing to add any KODI add-on, or the KODI build on the platform of KODI.

This issue shows an error has failed to install a dependency error in KODI. This kind of error basically indicates that there are some important dependent files, which must be installed before the installation of any particular KODI add-on, or the KODI build.

These dependency files make the KODI add-on or the KODI build work in a proper manner.

So, if you are facing this kind of error while installing the KODI add-on or the build, then below we are providing you with the two methods, by which you can fix this issue. It is advised to follow the below steps in the same order.

First Method is to Clear the Cache File or Data From the KODI

since I have personally used this trick to fix the dependency file error issue for many of the times. You can easily clear the cache data of KODI in any kind of device.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

  • If you are using KODI in the fire stick you can clear the cache data by going to the Fire TV Settings.
  • There you will see the application folder
  • Go to the KODI application
  • Clear the cache

For Android Box

Android box KODI users can go to the settings, then to the applications and to the KODI. There you can clear the cache data.

Second Method is to Restore the Add-ons 27.db File

Sometimes your KODI addons27.db file may get corrupted without you having to know about it. It may cause the file dependency error to arise and persists.

So, when you face this file dependency error the first thing you should do is to check the add-ons file.

This is how you can restore the add-ons27.db file.

Keep in your mind that after doing this procedure you will need to go to the KODI add-ons section and there re-enable the KODI add-ons that you had installed.

  • Launch the KODI and go to the settings icon
  • There click on the file manager option.
  • Now click in the profile directory menu.
  • Next click on the database.
  • Now you will come across the Add-ons27.db file and you need to delete this file by highlighting it.
  • Then come back to the home screen menu of the KODI and take an exit from the application.

Now re-launch the KODI application to see if the KODI add-on or the KODI build is getting installed without any error.

We hope that this tutorial will help you in fixing this dependency file error issue. Yet if further the issue persists you may approach us for the other guides.