Download & Install Kodi 17.6 for Windows (Step by Step)

If you want to install the Kodi 17.6 for windows and looking for the steps to download it then you are at right place as we are providing you the steps to set up and install Kodi 17.6 on windows

Setup and Install Kodi 17.6 for windows

Please follow the steps given below to download this latest version and update it on your device.

  • Visit the Official Kodi Website.
  • Select Downloads from the Top right of the screen.
  • Now select the “Choose your Weapon” option. In this step, you have to choose your Platform and device. Now we will proceed with Windows.


  • Select windows
  • Now select the Release Version and then Choose 32 Bit.
  • Now it will redirect you to the Download Page where Download will start automatically. Once it is downloaded then Kindly run the file. Kodi 17.6 will get installed and your data will be restored. You can easily use Kodi 17.6 without any kind of intervention.

Manual Windows Installation of Kodi 17.6 Update

  • Download the Kodi 17.6 for windows.

  • Select the KODI file to start the installer.

  • Select the “run” button.
  • Now click on “next” button.

  • Now click on finish once it gets completed.


Here is the video that would help you install Kodi 17.6 on windows

Steps to Install Kodi on Windows 7

  • The setup process of Kodi on Windows 7 is the same as Windows 10.
  • All you need to do is visit Kodi’s official website, go to the download section from the website, and then download the software to your device.
  • After that run the setup process and follow the steps as given by the installation wizard.
  • Once the software is installed, launch the Kodi TV on your system and enjoy endless online streaming.


Steps to Install Kodi on Windows 8.1

If you are using version 8.1 of windows on your device, you can install it by using any one of the given two methods:

  • You can download the software from Kodi’s official website
  • You can visit the Windows Store and download the app

NOTE- The abovetwo methods for installing Kodi are the same for both Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Therefore, using the methods mentioned in the above section, you can easily configure Kodi and stream any television series, movie, sports event, and live TV.


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