How To Install Kodi On Apple TV Versions 1,2,3&4

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KODI the XBMC foundation media streaming center is an open source of media streaming platform, it was developed by the XBMC foundation a decade and a half ago keeping in mind the purpose of providing an online media streaming platform to its users. KODI is a revolutionary source of media streaming center which gave a boost to the media streaming trend, and also KODI is one of those first rare media streaming software which started providing the media streaming services to its users.

KODI is an open source media player by this statement it is meant that on KODI platform a user can stream any kind of media be it on offline mode, or online mode be it either from the local storage of user’s device, or the online storage any kind of media is possible to be streamed with KODI platform.

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KODI basically works as a host which fetches the media content from its guests. The guests are the media houses which are linked with the KODI platform and using the platform of KODI they broadcast their media to the users directly. Those media houses are generally known as the KODI add-ons, and they do vary with in respect to their names and also to the content.

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Talking about the compatibility aspects the KODI basically started its platform to be compatible with the windows PC, and later they released the KODI version for other operating system as well such as Android, Linux, Windows, Mac, Amazon fire stick, raspberry series of computing Apple TV, and some other operating system and due to its wide range of being compatible with several operating systems, and the devices the users of KODI are very huge across the world.

In this article we are basically talking about the compatibility aspects of KODI with apple TV but before talking about the compatibility aspect let’s just get to know with the Apple TV. Apple TV is basically a digital set up box which has been developed by the apple incorporation and it provides the media streaming capabilities from one source such as your mobile to the television. In other simple words the Apple TV connects the Television with the Mobile phones using the HDMI cable and then you can stream any media on your television just like your mobile phones.

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The Apple TV is a very small sized box which has many generations version such as 1,2,3,4 and even later releases after that and it is used at a very massive level these days by the Apple fan boys who want to stream their media on their televisions. All in All it can be said that Apple TV is a great family package it provides a very decent media streaming capabilities for your family, so that they can get together and enjoy together this box needs Internet connection to get connected to the other source mobile devices.

Talking about the compatibility aspect of KODI with this Apple TV? The Apple TV does not provide any direct compatibility source to the KODI media center however KODI can be used on Apple TV using some other ways such as using X code, OSMC or the CYDIA IMPACTOR

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So yes the KODI is compatible enough to be streamed on Apple TV using such tools. You can integrate your KODI media streaming software with the Apple TV, and it will boost your media streaming experience to the core. Here below we are providing that how you can install KODI on Apple TV version 1,2,3, and 4 and can enhance the content and  the quality of your media streaming option.

Download & Install Kodi On Apple TV Versions 1,2,3&4

  • First of all download the CYDIA IMPACTOR and install it on your MAC operating system.

  • Now connect this box of Apple TV with your MAC device using the USB cable.
  • Then open your CYDIA IMPACTOR next.
  • Next download the KODI IPA file format.
  • Now you need to drop this downloaded file into CYDIA IMPACTOR.

  • You will see the several options of devices, select the from that list.
  • Next sign up and then login to the CYDIA IMPACTOR.

  • After logging in the CYDIA IMPACTOR will start installing the KODI media center.
  • Now go to the destination path and click on the extract option there.

  • After it is extracted you are done.

You can now start using KODI on your Apple TV.

The other method of installing the KODI on Apple TV is through the X code project. Follow these steps to install KODI on Apple TV using the X code project.

  • Go to your X code Application and start the new project there.
  • Click on the application menu there and then click on the single view of application.
  • There you will be asked to provide the product name,organization name, device type and language.
  • Click on the next.
  • Enter all those required names in the fields you can provide any self made name.
  • Provide swift as language name and “Universal” as your device type.
  • Now choose your location and click on the create after specifying the location.
  • Next click on the fix issues and then on the add key.
  • Then come back to the home screen and if you find any pop up there as fix issue click on the development team for provisioning this issue.
  • Then next open up the application signing option and upload the KODI file.
  • The KODI IPA file will be created there.
  • Come back to the X code application.
  • Go to the window menu.
  • Then device.
  • And there you will see the Apple TV in the list select that.
  • In the right panel you will see the plus icon click on that.
  • There you will see the IPA file that we created above.
  • And with that the X code application will install KODI on Apple TV.

So these were the two methods basically by which you can install KODI on Apple TV. You can choose the either of them as per your requirement and we believe that this tutorial article would help you.


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