How To Guide & Install Playlist Loader Kodi Addon in Less Than 5 Minutes

Playlist Loader Kodi Addon is the perfect Kodi add-on if you would want to create your own playlist for your video. It is hosted by GitHub and developed by Avigador. So if you are a binge watcher, here you can find a step-by-step guide for How to Install Playlist Loader Kodi Addon in Less Than 5 Minutes.

Guide & Install Playlist Loader Kodi Addon

Go to the Kodi main menu. After that go to settings and click on File Manager. Then click on Add Source.

Then select NONE. Copy paste the URL and click OK. Name the media source Kodil Repo and click OK.

Return to the Kodi main menu and from the top-left corner click on Add-ons.

Next select InstalL from a zip file. Then select Kodi repo and click on zip. The repo will be installed.

Next click Install from Repository and select Kodil repository. Click Video-Add-ons and select Playlist. Then click Install to enable the add-on.

Again return to the Kodi main menu and select Add-ons. From there select Video Add-ons and click Playlist Loader from the list.

Now your Playlist Loader will be installed.

How To Create Your Playlist in PlayList Loader

Now if you want to create your playlist in Playlist Loader Kodi Add-on, then you need to follow the following steps :

Open the Playlist Loader and click on Add a New List. Give any name to the list as you want. For example, World IPTV.

Next click on Remote URL List. It will ask you to insert a link, so copy and paste

Then it may ask you choose List Log. If so, then go to Logo from File. After saving all your changes, you need to open Playlist Loader Add-on again. You would be able to view your playlist, i.e., World IPTV. Just click on it to enjoy live streaming.

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