How To Download and Install Scythe Kodi Add-on

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Scythe is a video Kodi Add-on that is located in the Sandman Add-on Repository. It has sections for TV Shows, Movies, Enter Sandman, Live TV, 24/7, Music Box, The Armory, Hell Boys Hell and more.

Today we are going to provide you with the steps to download and install Scythe Kodi Add-on along with the screenshots. If you are also here to see the steps to install Scythe Kodi Add-on then read the steps below.

Download and Install Scythe Kodi Add-on

  • Select the system settings from the main menu.

  • Select the file manager.

  • Click on the add-source.

  • Select the option of None.

  • Copy and paste the URL and click OK.

  • Name the media source as Sandman.

  • Check if everything is correct and click OK.

  • From the main menu click on an add-on.

  • Click on add-on package installer icon.

  • Click on install from zip file.

  • Select the option of Sandman.

  • Select

  • Wait for add-on installed notification.

  • Select install from repository.

  • Select Sandman Media Repo.

  • Click on video add-ons.

  • Select Scythe.

  • Click on install.

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