How To Guide & Install Wookie The New Look Build Kodi

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Today we shall talk about Wookie The New Look Build Kodi. It is an all-in-one Kodi and is perfect for streaming movies, music and TV shows. It is very popular since sports an attractive interface and provides the option to install all the popular Kodi add-ons.

It has got categories like TV shows, movies, Navi-X.

How To Guide & Install Wookie The New Look Build Kodi

Go to the Kodi main menu and click on System–>File Manager

Click on Add Source

Type the URL:

Name the file Wookie

Cross-check that everything entered is correct and click OK.

Again go to the main menu and click System–>Settings

Click on Add-ons

Click on Install from a zip file

Select the file you named earlier Wookie

Next click on Click me – succumb to the

From the Kodi, home screen go to Programs

Click on Program add-ons

Click on Wookie (If you are not able to see Wookie Wizard it may be still downloading and installing)

From the Wookie, Wizard selects New Look Wookie.

Now it will automatically start to download, Extract, and install. Once it is done restart Kodi if it doesn’t automatically restart.