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In today’s modern scenario the online media streaming is not just a trend rather it’s been a requirement for the people of today. There are although many means or platforms for facilitating the online or the offline media streaming, yet among them, the platform of KODI is exceptional and requires no extra recognition, as it already holds enough in itself.

The platform of KODI was introduced by the XBMC foundation which is a Non Profit organization and works in the public domain development programs, and the development of KODI was made in the public domain.

Before the advent of the KODI into the online media streaming platform market, there was no such other player, which could facilitate the online media streaming for the mass users.

The traditional sources for the media broadcasting were the Television and the radio media source which were based on the fixed wired connection and hence provided no mobility to the users.

It was the KODI media centre or a platform source which provided the online media streaming to the users at an online platform which can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.

The platform of KODI is based on the open source which means that any user who wants to access the online media streaming can easily do it, just by installing the setup of the KODI into their system or the mobile devices.

Other than that KODI provides a very user-friendly compatibility to its users, which means you can use the KODI with any devices be it the Windows, Android, Linux or any other operating system based devices, and for your wonderful, the platform of KODI is available at free of cost.

If we address the KODI platform in the terms of media content then the platform of KODI is today packed with an abundance of media content from all kind of genres.

The source of media content for the KODI is the KODI add-ons, which are the third party media sources which offer the media content broadcasting to the users by using the platform of KODI directly.

Today in this topic we are going to discuss the platform of KODI in the various terms such as the legality of the program, and also about the safe usages of this program. Since today there are millions of people who are streaming the media on this platform of KODI and want to know about such major details of the KODI.


This is the very first thing or a question that comes to the mind of the KODI users or to the ones, who are thinking of streaming the Media with the KODI platform that whether the platform they are using is fully legal, or is it some kind of illegal platform.

Well, the simple answer to this dilemma of the users is yes the platform of KODI is fully legal and safe.

The platform of KODI is just like another media streaming software and is registered under the appropriate body of media that provides a legal license to such platforms of media streaming. The platform of KODI has been developed by the XBMC Foundation, which is a very large Non Profit organization and this platform has been registered under the same name.

KODI is a fully legal media streaming software under the law, however, the developers of the KODI and the other bodies of law restrict using the KODI for the illegal or the copyrighted media streaming on this platform.

Since we know that the platform of KODI is an open source network, and due to that there is by far no control from the developers of the KODI over the activities of the KODI users, that they do in the media streaming.

Sometimes the users of the KODI attempt to access the illegal media streaming on the KODI platform just like the soft of Torrent which is fully illegal and come under the act of piracy of the media streaming and hence is illegal and also punishable.

So the final words in this regard are that KODI is fully legal platform, and can be used by any person easily for the legal act of media streaming, but once you start using this platform for the illegal act of media streaming that becomes illegal and also punishable under the respective laws on your own accountability.


This is another concern that concerns the existing or the prospective users of the KODI. We know that KODI is based on the open source platform, and due to that there are many third parties media channels which offer the media broadcasting using the platform of KODI, and we generally know them as the KODI add-ons.

On the other hand, there are the millions of the users who are connected to the platform of KODI using this open source compatibility, and this is what makes KODI a chaotic platform since there is no control of the KODI developers, over the activities of the KODI users.

These all factors in combined makes the KODI a susceptible choice for the media streaming purpose as a threat to the privacy or the other information of the KODI users.

Well, there is a solution to that chaos and that goes through the way of VPN, which stands for the Virtual Private Network. KODI users generally use the KODI platform being on the open network, which becomes a threat to their privacy and other sensitive information.

VPN is a kind of network which fully secures this open network by hindering the IP address of each KODI users, and once the IP address is secured then there is no point of bypassing the privacy of any KODI users.

VPN is a great tool to safeguard the open network and it is our recommendation to you that you integrate your network with it, and then start the unlimited media streaming on the platform of KODI being fully safe.


There are always the concerns in the mind of the KODI users as to what are the proper ways of using the KODI and get going with the online or offline media streaming.

Below we are providing you with some instructions to use the KODI properly

  • KODI is a media streaming centre software which is available for both the mobile and the computer devices you need to download the suitable setup for your device
  • After downloading the setup install this setup
  • After setting up the setup you need to add some third parties KODI add-ons to have the access over the media content
  • You can learn the ways from Google to add the KODI add-ons simply on the KODI
  • Secure your network with the VPN in order to safeguard your privacy safely
  • At last, you may start streaming the content on the KODI

It is always advisable to stream the public domain media on the KODI as it is completely legal and safe and lets you enjoy the media without any legal fear.

We hope that this article would help you in clearing all your dilemmas about the platform of KODI.