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Amazon FIRESTICK is the very popular medium of media streaming source which is used by the masses of the users these days at a global scale. The reason behind such popularity is the easy plug-in access to the media streaming content that the FIRESTICK offers to the users.

The best thing about the FIRESTICK is that it is a very small sized device which can be plugged into the TV directly, and it can offer the media streaming content. This is the reason that why the FIRESTICK is preferred as a complete family package for a wide variety of media streaming content.

If we talk about the Amazon FIRESTICK jailbreaking process in the straightaway then many of the users won’t understand it, since it is necessary first to understand that what is exactly the FIRESTICK Jail-breaking and how it works.

When you buy the Amazon FIRESTICK Amazon will basically offer you with the category of content, and the external applications that you can install in the FIRESTICK.

These applications are installed to access some other external media on the FIRESTICK from the external sources. With the Amazon FIRESTICK there is a limitation that the users can only stream the official media content which has been made available by the Amazon officially, and also the users can only install the applications which are available on the Amazon play store.

This condition becomes a jail like a scenario for the many FIRESTICK users since what is the point of having the USB modem which offers you a limited amount of media streaming content and offers no freedom of having access to the favourite media streaming content and the application installations as well. This is what actually led to the FIRESTICK Jailbreaking process.

A while ago the Amazon FIRESTICK used to come along with the KODI application installation liberty to the users but later the platform of KODI was officially removed from the Amazon app store due to some issues.

As we know that KODI is one of the widely used platforms of streaming the offline and the online media content, hence banning the KODI on Amazon FIRESTICK led the FIRESTICK users to find some alternate ways to get back the KODI on FIRESTICK.

Eventually, the KODI lovers find some other ways to install the KODI on the FIRESTICK and from that the concept of the Amazon FIRESTICK Jail-breaking got emerged.

Today people or the FIRESTICK users use this FIRESTICK jail-breaking technique to install the other applications or stream the other media content which Amazon does not officially allow to its users.

If you are willing to get yourself a FIRESTICK it would be a cool choice for your all family entertainment, since the device is very small just like a USB which can be directly plugged into the TV without any hectic configuration.

You would enjoy a very wide variety of media content with the Amazon FIRESTICK and you can subscribe your favourite media channels on it such as the Amazon prime or the Netflix and many more other stuff.

Below we are providing you with the Method by which you can jailbreak the FIRESTICK. You are advised to follow the steps in the same order

  • First of all just open up the FIRESTICK and get to the home screen

  • Now head to the settings menu
  • After heading there click on the settings icon

  • You will see another option as collect app usage data click on that
    In the bottom click on the turn off button

  • Now just click on the previous button and come to the main menu of the FIRESTICK.
  • Click on the device option there

  • After that click on the developer options

  • Now click on the apps from the unknown sources as it will let you install the third party app

  • Click on the turn on the key to enable the apps installed from the unknown sources

You will be done now to jailbreak the FIRESTICK and will be able to install the third parties applications which are not available at the Amazon app store.
This method will surely work for you in the installations of the third parties applications, however, if you are seeking the ways to jailbreak the FIRESTICK in a way that you can install a complete application store on the jail-broken FIRESTICK other than the Amazon app store.

It would enable you to install the thousands of third parties applications which are not available at the Amazon app store. Below we are providing you with the method to install the alternative application store on the jail-broken FIRESTICK.

  • Head over to the home screen of the FIRESTICK

  • Now just step into the search bar and there type the downloader later highlight it and then click on it.

  • You will several icons after clicking on the download option

  • There you need to click on the downloader icon

  • After that on the other screen click on the download button
  • After it is downloaded then click on the open button

  • You might see a permission dialogue next which you need to allow

  • Next click Ok on the notes update

  • Then click on the settings icon and enable the javascript there

  • A javascript warning will pop up which you need to give confirmation by clicking on the yes
  • After that come over the home option it will redirect you to the home screen

  • You will see the downloader home screen and there you need to click on the ok button which will open the keyboard

  • After opening up the keyboard make the keyboard clear

  • Now type this address in the keyboard at and click on the go button

  • After this, the downloading of the APTOIDE TV will begin.

  • Click on the install button after downloading the APTOIDE TV.

  • After installing it click on the open key

It will provide you with the remote controllable user-friendly interface, and you would be able to find the best content offering application over this platform.

So this is how you can jailbreak the Fire-stick for the external applications installations, and as well as for the installations of completely different app store than the Amazon app store.

You can download the plenty of other applications using this FIRESTICK jail-breaking technique. We hope that this article would serve you and feel free to reach us for any help.