How To Download & Install JAMZ Music Kodi Addons

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KODI is an open source of media streaming and it is all available at free of cost, these are two another reason that why the online media streamers refer to this platform most often. Being the open source media streaming player, the content of KODI is very extensive it provides the wide range of the content, which suits every age group of the people.

Most of the things go faded with the time but in case of KODI its popularity, and the usage has been continuously rising since then, and the reason behind that is the trust of the KODI users that they still keep in this platform. KODI has been evolving since then till now in terms of its content, the quality of the content, and also along with some other features.

KODI doesn’t have any content collection in its own bucket, rather it invites the other media channels to broadcast their content using this KODI platform, and since they get the platform they just get connected to the millions of the viewers, who are seeking the content to start streaming the online media streaming.

These media channels provide the media broadcasting, to such users, using the KODI platform. There are many reasons behind the popularity of the KODI the first and the top reason is the vintage legacy of this platform.

Those who are the real media streaming, and are streaming the media ever since its beginning trend, are aware with the fact that KODI is the oldest or probably the very first wide platform, which started providing the free and the open media streaming services to its users.

Other reasons include the wide content category and the easy or wide compatibility of the KODI with numerous operating systems, and the devices as well.

Today in this article we are going to talk about the JAMZ KODI music add-on. Well as the name suggests that this add-on is dedicated to the joyful music world, and mind you from my personal experience this is one of the best available KODI add-on at this platform, which has the potential to bring you the very powerful source of music.

Who doesn’t love the beats of music? Almost over 90% of the people on this earth are music lovers with their respective taste of music. The JAMZ KODI music fulfills every music lover desires by providing them the kind of music that they want.

The JAMZ KODI music add-on has been introduced by the MANCAVE TV repository, the content category of this add-on includes, the live concerts, Live music, party mix, VEVO, hot list and much other genre of music that you can ever wish for, just switch to this add-on and start tuning to your best music.

The video quality of the music is in all HD along with the boosted audio quality since we know that music is all about the sound quality, this JAMZ music KODI add-on brings you the best video, and audio quality possible out there. Our final verdict about this JAMZ KODI music add-on is that, if you are truly a music media lover, then you must definitely go for the JAMZ music KODI add-on.

We know that KODI doesn’t provide and safety assurance neither to our data nor to the privacy, since this platform is based on the open source. Considering that aspect in mind it is always a wiser choice, to integrate the network with the virtual private Network. It will keep your IP address in the safest hands and, will provide you with the fully safe yet unlimited media streaming on the KODI platform.

KODI is although an open source of media streaming but yet it strictly bans the copyrighted or the pirated data media streaming, as that’s an illegal task and also strongly punishable. You are advised to stream only public domain, or your personal media on the KODI platform.

Download & Install JAMZ Music Kodi Addons

  • Go to your KODI media streaming software and launch it .

  • Go to the system settings icon and click on the file manager option.

  • Then you will be required to provide the URL address of the media that you want to add on KODI.

  • Then name this added media source as Man cave and click on Ok.

  • Now recheck all the above fields again to make sure that all the mentioned information is correct and good to go ahead.

  • Now come back to the main menu of the KODI and click on the addons option.

  • Then you will see the package installer option click on that and it will start downloading.

  • After downloading make an installation from the zip file.

  • Next a box will open with the name of added media source of Man cave click on that.

  • Then click on the start here.

  • Next click on the TV king repository zip file.

  • This repository will start downloading wait for it.

  • After downloading the repository make an installation from this repository.

  • Next click on the TV kings repository.

  • Then on the music addons

  • After that click on the man cave JAMZ

  • And at last make it install

And you will be done with the installation of the JAMZ music KODI add-on. Shut down your KODI and restart it again and then go to the KODI video add-ons section, there you will find this JAMZ music KODI add-on. Click on it and start streaming your favorite music.

We believe that this tutorial article will help you in installing this add-on. Feel free to ask us for any further assistance.