How to Install Kel Tec Kodi Addons 2018

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KEL TEC ADD-ON is a media broadcasting channel which is basically introduced by Mr. And Mrs. Smith repo. The KEL TEC add-on earlier was basically the fork of Elysium add-on which went down a while ago and now the KEL TECH has its own separate identity.
Now KEL TEC has a multiple sources of providing media information and the live program from various Category.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith repo owns multiple add-ons in their list on the KODI media and each of their add-on has something in specific to offer to their users. KEL TEC also has a very wide section of media offering to its users the category includes followings
Trakt Movies, TV shows, Hollywood movies, Kids collection spotlight, and many others they have a search option in each category of their collection.

Every time you search anything on the KODI media with the KEL TEC add-on they provide you with multiple search results option to choose a category of program that you want to enjoy from many others. The KEL TEC KODI add-ons also has the feature of multiple languages supports it supports some other languages such as French, Spanish, Greek,  German and many other to let you enjoy your program in your desired languages.


As you know KODI is an open source media playing program and it is available for everyone out there so it would be a wise choice of yours if you are not using VPN services then you should add VPN services to your network station so that your data and privacy do not be on any risk with the KODI Media since there is no strong restrictions of traffic control with KODI media.

However KODI Media playing software is strongly against the data piracy, and you are allowed to stream only that data on KODI which either personally belongs to you on your local storage or is available freely in the public domain copyrighted data is not allowed to be streaming with the KODI media.

Method to Install Kel Tec Kodi Addon

So here is the step by step method of Adding KEL TEC KODI ADD-ONS.

1. Open your KODI software opening interface

2. Go to the system icon in the top left of the page

3. Select the file manager drive

4. On the left side see the add on source Click on it

5. The next will be browsing option

6. click on the none pop up Enter the URL as

7. In the next option name this source as Smith and click ok

8. Double check all the fields to make sure everything is OK

9. Now again go back to the main menu and click on the add-ons bar

10. Now click on the package installer at the left top page

11. Next click on the installation from zip file

12. Now the box will slide with an option “Smith”

13. Now click on the repository zip file

14. The repository file will start downloading

15. Once it gets downloaded install from it

16. Now click on the Mr. And Mrs. Smith repository file

17. Next click on the video add-ons option

18. You will see KEL-TEC option just click on it

19. And you will reach the installation option finally

20. Click on it and you are all done

We hope that this article will help you in setting up your add-ons with KODI media player we wish you a happy KODI surfing.