How To Download & Install Kill Bill Kodi Addons

We are living in a generation where the things are fast forwarding very fast, and when it comes to media streaming, people of this generation want everything just on a single click, and that has been quite possible now with the help of the Internet the media broadcasting has been more easier than ever before.

Internet has changed the game completely from the offline form of media broadcasting that is the broadcasting on the traditional television channels to the online media broadcasting or the streaming arena. After the Internet there is needed a platform which can provide that media streaming services to the users, and KODI is the name which clicks on our mind before anything else when it comes to the media streaming.

We believe KODI needs no as such introduction in the arena of online media streaming, but still for those who are not aware with the KODI. KODI is an open source media streaming player which offers its hosting platform to other guests, which are having the media content but are seeking the platform to broadcast it. KODI provides them the platform, so that they can offer their media to the viewers through the KODI platform.

Today in this article we are going to talk about one such KODI add-on whose name is Kill Bill KODI add-on. Kill bill is an all in one KODI add-on which has been introduced by the BLAMO repository, and the Kill bill name of this add on has been given on the basis of its kill bill movie based interface theme. The theme is yellowish and this Kill bill add on is built on the JEN template, which is known for its decent quality user interface.

Since the add on is built by the BLAMO repository, which is a very prominent name on the KODI platform for its others wonderful add-ons, such as NEPTUNE rising, ARRAKIS KODI add on, GITHUB and some others, which are known for their wide and the quality content.

As we said that Kill bill is an all in one KODI add-on, it has a lot in its bucket to offer to you the content is very wide, and contains all the media category such as movies, TV shows, kids shows, Animation movies, Documentaries, serials, thrillers, sports, music and much more content you can get to experience and enjoy just in a single KODI add on.

This kill bill add on has the potential to replace many others your add-ons whose content category is not that extensive enough, so that they could offer you everything being within a single add-on, of them and due to that you have to keep plenty of the add-ons in your KODI list.

Further talking about the content quality of the kill bill KODI add-on the content of this add-on, is all in HD quality along with the very decent and clear audio quality, since this add on is built on the Jen template, that further gives a very soothing interface to this add on. So considering all the relevant aspects of this add-on, we would say that this add-on surely deserves a place in your add-ons list, hence you must give a trail to this add on.

KODI being the open source platform doesn’t assure any kind of safety to your privacy or to the data. Since millions of users are openly connected to this media streaming platform without any control from KODI..This is what makes KODI an unsafe place for your data and the privacy, so if you are willing to safeguard your privacy then you must go for the Virtual private network to safeguard your privacy.

The virtual Private Network VPN hides your IP address, and remove the threat of your IP address getting hacked so that you can enjoy the unlimited data streaming safely.

While streaming the media on KODI always keep in mind, that KODI restricts copyrighted or the pirated media streaming that is an illegal offence, and KODI bans it altogether.

Download & Install Kill Bill Kodi Addons

  • Go to the KODI media streaming player click and launch it.
  • After opening of the first page click on the system settings icon which is located in the left side of the page.

  • After clicking on that you will see the file manager option.
  • Click on file manager option and you will see the add source option.

  • This add source option requires the address of the media source, that you want to stream on KODI.

  • Click on the add source option and provide there the URL address of your media source.

  • Now provide a name to this added media source as BLAMO and click ok.

  • Now review all the fields again to see if all the relevant information you provided are correct.

  • Come back to the main menu of KODI and click on the addons option there.

  • In the left side click on the package installer.

  • Then on the installation from the zip file.

  • Next choose the BLAMO file from next appearing options.

  • Then again choose the repository zip BLAMO file.

  • This will start downloading wait for it.
  • After downloading the downloaded pop up will appear.

  • Now click on the install from repository.

  • Click on the BLAMO repository and proceed.

  • Click on the option of add on repository.

  • Select the ANDROIDBOY repository.

  • Make it install.

  • Come back to the file of installation from repository and there click on the ANDROIDBOY.

  • Click on the video addons option there.

  • Then on the kill bill and finally make it install.

With this your Kill-Bill KODI add-on installation will be finished, now you just need to shut down the KODI and restart it to see this add on in your add-ons category. Start streaming your favorite media, and ping us anytime for any further help.

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