Our Picks For The Top Best Kodi Builds 2018

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Many people like to customize KODI after they use it for some time and understands how it works. The simplest way to do it is with a pre-setup Kodi Builds which has already created and installed. Since it comes with pre-installed add-ons and is ready to run so it is a good option for setting up new Kodi hardware. Everyone has their own favourite builds but there are thousands of options available.
Our Picks for Best Kodi Builds 2018


ALSFLIX is a Kodi Build in Netflix style introduced by Misfit Mods Wizard. It is of 408MB size and uses the Aurora Skin. It has sections that include Movies, Sports, TV Shows, Live TV, Me Library, Kids Zone, Favorites, Music, Add-ons, and Power. It’s Wizard also has many good Kodi Builds which includes, Serenity, Karma, Hard Nox, Inferno, AM Smooth, Atomic, Mayhem, Kid Flix, Khaos, and more.


Kryptonic is a small and nice Build introduced by 909 Wizard. It is of size 119 MB and uses the Aeon Nox Silver Skin. It has sections for TV shows, Movies, Music, 4K, Live TV, Kidz, Sports,  Heroes, Urban Favorites, Comedy, Horror, Gears TV, Android, and System. Many good Addons like Placenta, Monster Much, Magic Dragon, Pluto TV, and more are included in it.

  • Gold

Gold is also small sized Build that is introduced by Ukodi1 Wizard. It is of size 56 MB and uses the Ukodi1 Skin. It has sections for TV shows, Movies, Sports, Music, Extras, Live TV, and System. It has Kodi add-ons like Firecat, DeathStar, Kratos, WoW, DNA Live and more.

  • BK Nox

BK Nox is introduced by Stream Digital Wizard and is very popular. It is of size 494 MB and uses the Aeon Nox Silver Skin. It has sections for The Lounge, SD Wizard, TV shows, Live TV, Ultra HD, Movies, little Ones, Music, Preview, and System. Kodi Add-ons like Supremacy, Monster Munch, Maverick, Placenta, Neptune Rising, Oculus, and more.

  • Durex

Durex is a smallKodi Build which anyone can install on any device including Fire TV Sticks. The sections it includes are TV shows, Movies, Durex TV, Family, Music, Sports, Misc, APK, System, and Add-ons. It comes with the latest Add-ons including Placenta, Neptune Rising, Uranus, Magic Dragon Genesis Reborn, and many more.