15+ Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts That You Should Know

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In order to get better control of the Kodi Media player, there are many Kodi Keyword Shortcuts available on the Kodi. Key Shortcuts not only help to get quick control but it also helps us to access the Menu easily. So, If you’re Kodi user and looking for useful Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts, So, Here you can get the useful Shortcuts keys for Kodi Media player.

Alphabet Shortcuts When Video is Playing

  • A for Audio delay control
  • B for Live TV Schedule recording timer
  • C to an Open playlist
  • D to Move Item Down
  • E for Live TV guide
  • F to Fast Forward
  • H is for Live TV channel Windows
  • I for getting Information
  • P to Play
  • R to Rewind
  • S for Power Menu
  • T  for Subtitle on/Off
  • X to Stop
  • Z to Zoom

To Toggle Between Kodi Windowed Mode and Full-Screen

  • Use (/) key to switch between Kodi windowed mode and full-screen

Get Full-Screen Playback without resume video

  • Use “Shortcut key Tab” to access playback Media while playing a video.

To Take a screenshot of Videos and Movies

  • Use ctrl+S keys to take the screenshot of videos and movies.

To Exit and Back

  • Press the Esc key to exit.