How To Install Kodi On Smart TV (LG, Samsung, Sony)

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KODI is one of the most popular media streaming centres for the online or offline media streaming in the modern world. Since we know that the online media streaming in the modern world has become one of the most integral parts of our daily lives, and we all need the fast access to the media streaming. Media streaming could be in any form it may be movies, music or the current news affairs or any other form of the media.

The platform of KODI is one of the most revolutionary and the reliable platform when it comes to the media streaming since this platform is quite old now, and due to that this platform holds a tag of utmost reliability from its users. You can access the versatile content category from all the genre of media be it your favourite movie, sports, serial, or even you can play the games as well.

The platform was developed by the XBMC foundation more than a decade back when there was no such platform which could provide the online media streaming facility to the users, and due to that KODI gained an immense popularity among the online media streaming lovers.

The platform of KODI is based on the open source of media streaming and due to that the all third party media houses which are willing to broadcast their media but are lacking a platform they can use the platform of KODI and offer their media content to the users directly.

From the user’s point of view, this platform is openly available to all those users who are willing to access their favourite media streaming online. They can install the setup of the KODI into their system, and start streaming their favourite media using their desired KODI add-on.

If we talk about the compatibility of this platform then the platform of KODI is compatible enough with all kind of computer systems, Android smartphones, Linux operating system and all other modern devices. Today in this topic we are basically going to talk about the compatibility of KODI with the modern smart TV
Before we talk about the KODI compatibility with the smart TV let’s just first understand that what is actually this Smart TV?. A smart TV is the modern or the evolved form of the traditional vintage TV. The smart TV varies a lot from the traditional TV, and with the smart TV, the interaction mode is quite different and advanced than the traditional TV.
With the Smart TV, you can provide your output or interact with your TV by the touch screen mode which means you would be able to command your TV by touching the icons that are appearing on the screen which is not possible with the traditional TV.

Other than this the Smart TV is also enabled with the Internet facility which means you can use the Internet and the TV both in the smart TV itself.

There are many other features which a Smart TV is equipped with such as you can even install some applications in the smart TV for the desired media content. This is the reason that the smart TV is now rapidly replacing the vintage TV in our homes as with the time technology evolves, and it gives shape to the new things around us so smart TV is also one of those things.

If you are a KODI lover who always wants to stick around the KODI for the media streaming purpose and you are having the modern Smart TV in your home which is making you wonder as to whether you can install the KODI in your smart TV and access your favourite media content from the Smart TV itself.

Well, there is somewhat a tricky answer to your question for you that whether or not you can install the KODI in your Smart TV, and that’s what this article is going to be all about.

KODI provides its compatibility with all kind of Android-based operating system devices, and hence if smart TV is based on the Android operating system, then you can easily set up the KODI in your system, however if smart TV is not based on the Android operating system then it is tricky for you to install the KODI in your smartphones.

Follow these steps to install the KODI on your Android-based smartphones.

  • KODI you are done. Go to the play store
  • There create or log in to existing account
  • Type KODI in the search bar
  • Once the KODI icon appears in the search bar Install it.
  • After installing that was very simple to install KODI on an android based smartphone but what if you are having the non-android Smart TV. Since we know that most of the major brand of smart TV such as Sony, Samsung, LG etc offer the smart TV based on their own customized smart TV operating system and KODI does not support that so what is next? Well, below we are providing you with the method to install KODI on the non-android based smart TV such as Sony, Samsung, LG etc. Follow these steps in the same order to install it.
  • Use your PC or the Android smartphone and go to the official site of the KODI.
  • There select the setup of KODI for the android.
  • There you will be required to choose the version of your Android TV
  • Choose whatever is the version of your Android smartphone
  • After that, you will be provided with a setup installation for the KODI.
  • It would be an APK file just download it.
  • Now connect your smartphone in which you have downloaded the APK file to your Smart TV
  • There go to the settings of your Smart TV and enable the unknown sources installation in the security menu
  • Then go to the folder of your connected smartphone where you downloaded the KODI APK file.
  • Now install in your smart TV by clicking on the APK file.
  • Once the installation is finished click on the open of the KODI icon
  • With it, you will be done

So this is how you can install the KODI in any non-android operating system based smart TV. This method can be followed for any Smart TV which is not having the play store within them. Those smart TV can install the setup of KODI directly through the KODI APK file.

We hope that this tutorial article would help you in installing the KODI on your smart TV. Do enjoy KODI and feel free to ask us for any further assistance.