20 Best Kodi Repositories of December 2018

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Kodi repositories can be termed as channels’ collection which provides there users with lots of entertainment and online streaming for plenty of hours. There are different kinds of repositories which can store a large amount of database while on the other hand some repositories not able to contains one or two channels not more than this.

But if we talk about the best repositories are those which have a large amount of popularity in the audience, not the one which contains a large amount of database. Kodi is considered as future television as it is getting popular in the audience and it is going to stay for a long time period.

In this article we are going to list out the following topics:

  • Best Kodi Repositories
  • Best Ares Repositories
  • New Best Repositories

10 Best Kodi Repositories

In the race of best Kodi Repository there comes following repositories. As there are many repositories but not all of the repositories come with complete entertainment package and contain some drawbacks also. So, from the audience perspective and popularity top 10 best Kodi repositories we have listed for you.

Super Repo

This is one of the most popular Kodi repositories which is difficult to beat by other Kodi repositories. Super Repo is World’s largest repository which contains more than 3000 + channels. You can get live videos, games, sports, live match streaming videos, TV shows, serials, cartoon etc. all the entertainment stuff.

Noobs and Nerds

After Super Repo here comes the Noobs and Nerds Kodi repository which comes at the second place on the popularity chart of the Kodi repositories. This Kodi repository consists of loads of channels which can be a reason for happy and smiling users as they get all the desired stuff on this. Recently the URL of this repository has been changed. Well, the reason behind this is not given. It is considered as the stable repository. It is a complete family package and it also contains some channels for the kids’ entertainment perspective as well.

Xunity Talk Repo

This is taken as a hub for the vast range of channels that contains TV shows, games, matches, sports, movies, maintenance tools and much other stuff. You will get stream channel box that will provide you with the TV show which is a popular on-demand basis. All these facts make it available in the list of best Kodi repository.

Kodi Official Repository

Kodi official repository is the repository which is officially introduced by the Kodi which you can get within the Kodi and can retrieve it easily. As we mentioned it is the official repository so in this you might not able to find out channels that show movies and TV shows. Apart from this, there is a large amount of database which you can get on this repository like games, live sports, music, news, etc. which you can watch to spend quality of time.

Dandy Media

Dandy media consists of quality of channels’ collection which contains TV shows, games, movies, cartoon, funny videos, and top 40 charts of music songs which you want to listen to etc. entertainment stuff. This repository takes care of audience entertainment and delivers the best fun content which makes them happy along with large database collection of movies.

 Bass Fox Repository

Bass Fox Repository is another popular Kodi repository which contains access amount of channels that stream TV shows and movies. This Bass Fox Repository also provides live sports streaming channels which other repositories fail to provide to their audience. If you are looking for complete entertainment package than this Kodi repository is considered as best package for you.


Genie TV Repository

It is here in the competition of best Kodi Repository from the many years but it is depleting its popularity now a day. This repository contains TV shows, movies, documentaries, and much more stuff. There is a large number of channels which provide you above mentioned stuff.

K3l3vra Repository

It is one of the best Kodi Repositories with the small amount of database. It is very much effective Kodi repository. It contains classic channels for their users and this repository has channels that stream TV shows, movies, and sports. Its quality and ease of channels make it popular apart from having a small database collection.


Kodi Tips Repository

Well, It is the repository that only contains one channel, not a large number of channels. This channel consists of Canada based shows or made in Canada that have IPTV channels from Europe, Canada, and many other countries. The channels provided by this repository contain sports, news and entertainment. All this make it making position in the list of best Kodi repository.

Good Fellas Repository

For the ones who are fans or lover of music, TV shows, sports and movies will find out extensive media collection of channels on this Good Fellas Repository. It has great database collection feature that can contain numerous Kodi users and it is highly popular among the Kodi users as well.

5 Best Ares Repository

Under Ares project, Ares repository lies or operated. This repository contains Ares add-ons and many other Best Kodi Wizards. This Ares repository is taken as an important addition for the Kodi as Ares repository provide access to the Ares build and Ares add-ons Here is the list of best 5 Ares Repository:

  1. Ares Football:

Ares Football Repository consists of a football match latest videos and highlights which are played. Football matches which are played around the world previously and current you can watch with highlights which are best for the football lovers and make is popular in the Ares repository.

  1. Ares Anime:

For all the Anime content like movies, TV shows, sports, funny clips, games etc. you can get on the Ares Anime repository which is on the internet. This Kodi repository with a large number of Anime content is popular among the Anime audience. Because of this, it becomes popular in the Kodi Repository.

  1. Ares World:

For the users who love to watch documentaries has the large-scale popularity for Ares World. This Ares World repository consists of a large database for the documentaries which are available on the earth. The documentaries which are based on the social issues like World pollution, science, nature, or planet etc. are available on this Ares world Repository.

  1. Ares Music:

Music lovers have a large scale of popularity for Ares Music. The vast range of music is available on Ares Music. All the songs which are available on this world and users love to listen can go for this Ares Music Repository. Different genres of music like Jazz, Rock, Pop, classic and many other songs collection is included which make it popular among the audience.

  1. Ares Sports:

Forgetting all the updates and highlights of the sports here comes the next most popular Ares repository that is Ares sports. The World of sports is available in this repository. Different kinds of sports like basketball, football, baseball, motorsports and all the range of sports is included in this repository for the entertainment purpose.

5 New Kodi Repositories

Apart from the best 10 Kodi repositories here is the list of 5 New Kodi Repositories which is giving competition to the list of popular or top rated Kodi repositories:

  1. Simply Caz Repo:

This Simply Caz Repo is new Kodi repository but within the few months after its introduction in the Kodi repository it has got a lot of popularity and comes in the popularity list as well. The main reason behind its popularity can be the large number of channels collection or database which contains numerous versatile channels and add-ons you can find in this repository like Exodus, Sports Devil, Castaway etc. that are highly used by the Kodi audience or users.

  1. Merlin Repo:

Merlin Repo is another new Kodi repository that is getting highly popular. This repository contains a great collection of sports, TV shows, live shows, music channels and many more entertainment channels. It also provides maintenance tools for the Kodi box to fasten its streaming. Large range of music channels is introduced by this Merlin Repo Kodi.

  1. Zomboided Repository:

This Zomboided Repository has only one channel that is worth full and makes it popular among a large amount of database in the new Kodi repositories. It also provides you with the option of installation of VPN service for Kodi software on illegal Kodi add-ons. So, such kind of feature makes this repository top rated Kodi repository.

  1. Perfix TV:

This Perfix TV Kodi Repository contains only video channels. For the live streaming content, this repository does not contain such kind of content but it has high quality and best clips from paranormal activities, boxing arena, YouTube and comedy circuits etc. which is a source of attraction for the users.

  1. Bubbles Repository:

In the new Kodi repositories there comes bubbles repository. This repository has competition with Exodus and the potential to replace it as well. it has a wide range of TV shows and movies channels for Kodi boxes.

So, this is all about the best Kodi repositories in October 2018 and getting popular in the audience. Hope you like this information and got to know about the latest best Kodi repositories which you can go for.

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