How to Setup & Install Best Kodi VLC Addon

Well as we know that KODI is the open source media streaming software which has been developed by the XBMC Foundation. KODI video streaming software basically works as a host of providing a streaming platform to the guest, or in other words we can say it as the KODI basically provides a platform to the external media channels or the add-ons, which play or broadcast there channel content on the KODI platform.

Well it’s been a long time now since a query has been into a direct media streaming zone the KODI video streaming software has earned its name from the scratch to a hit. The KODI was basically developed a while back and from that till now the KODI has had an amazing journey of media streaming platform.

As we know the these days any kind of media content be it news, television shows, movies, serials, thrillers,. or anything else almost every kind of media content is broadcasted online by the help of internet, and such a dramatic change of media broadcasting from offline television to online streaming is what has given a birth to KODI video streaming software

We know that the KODI video streaming software basically stream the media content on its own platform from its guest guests, whom we basically know as KODI add-ons. Do you know that you can stream your KODI media content using another external media player?

Yes you heard it right you can play or stream your KODI media using other external media player. It would not make any much difference on KODI content, rather the media will be played launching the different media player than the usual KODI media center.

in this article we are basically referring to the VLC media player the VLC media player can replace the KODI to stream media content online.VLC is basically another open source media playing and streaming software.

Setup & Install Best Kodi VLC Addon

VLC is developed by the Video LAN project and this media player has enough potential to play any kind of media content in high definition quality, and for this reason the VLC media player has the capability to play or stream the KODI media content in both online and offline mode.

Follow these steps to add VLC as KODI add-on

  • Go to the context menu of KODI
  • Select the player option from the menu

  • VLC should have already been installed in the system software
  • Download the playercorefactory.xml script.
  • Copy it into the KODI folder at app data /KODI/user data.
  • If you need to change the path of  this script you can do it by opening the
  • xml in your notepad.
  • You will find the VLC setup installed in the C drive.
  • You can see that by going to C drive/program files/video LAN/VLC.
  • Change the path in the script in the same way.
  • Now save these files and launch your KODI.
  • Choose a file to stream.
  • Click on the play it using VLC media player.
  • Your file will be playing.

So this is how you can add VLC media player as an external KODI add-on. We hope that this tutorial article would help you in setting up this VLC add-on.

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