Best Kodi VPN Addons

Best Kodi VPN

KODI is the name which is not hidden these days from any individual who loves live and online media streaming. KODI started it all from scratch and today made it way a long ahead in the hearts of this generation. KODI full filled the most sought demand of live media streaming for this generation. Well if you are someone from those people who is unaware with this KODI name then let you tell us about KODI.

KODI is an online media streaming centre it provides a media streaming platform to its users who want to stream the different-different category of media programs. KODI does not provide the media channel it just provides a platform to play or stream that media rest the media is provided by the other channels, or the add-ons which uses the platform of KODI they offer their content to the users using KODI platform.

You can stream any kind of media programs as the KODI provides you a very wide variety of media channels or the add-ons. This variety includes everything be it news, video songs, movies, TV shows, serials, thrillers and much more. In short KODI provides a vast variety of media add-ons to be streaming on KODI platform.

Since we know that KODI is an open source media streaming program and this is probably the biggest drawback of this program being an open source program KODI does not supervise or control the activities of its users on the program and that is what causes a great threat to your privacy.

There are people who are always finding the ways to bypass your privacy and in that case it becomes very important for you to take the safety of your privacy in your own hands and that is only possible by securing your network fully. Well when it comes to securing your network then there is no better option than integrating your network with the Virtual Private Network services this secures your Internet protocol address from any hacking bypass which in resulting secures your data and privacy.

There are the numbers of VPN service provider that you can choose to secure your network.
Below we are providing you with some options of VPN services network you may choose the one of them as per your preference or requirements.


This is the best VPN that hits the first spot in our list. This might be also one of the most expensive Virtual private network service provider but their services justify the prices that they charge. This VPN comes with a bundled of features that full fill all your needs  be it the requirement of encrypting the data or automatic Internet kill switching it provides  all such features.

Express VPN also provides the server switching option so that you can switch to any other server if the existing server is causing any lag to your device. Express VPN also provides the money back guarantee after 30 days of usage if you do not get satisfied with their services you will get your full money back, so isn’t it a good deal of money for you.


This is another VPN which comes at the second spot in this list. This VPN is comparatively cheaper than the express VPN but still it does not lag that behind IPVANISH also comes with some solid features such as data encryption, data censorship, and much more.

Using IPAVNISH VPN you can stream any kind of media or surf any web services without any risk of hackers violating your network. You should consider this VPN seriously while choosing the best for yourself.


Cyber ghost VPN is the third VPN in our list. This VPN is cheaper and yet provide a very powerful private Internet connection without the reach of hackers, government and any other kind of intruders. The VPN provides a very reliable private Internet connection with options of getting connected to many available servers in case your interest lags behind you may switch from one to other server available.

Data encryption guaranteed, streaming the videos in 4k and HD quality, and a secure WIFI connection that are some services provided by the Cyber ghost VPN.

Nord VPN

Nord VPN is the fourth VPN in this list. Well the Nord VPN is known as the simplest yet very powerful and reliable network. The connectivity of this Nord VPN is as simple as it can be and talking about the data encryption, it provides the military equivalent strong Shields to its users by encrypting the data in the safest hands.

The other services which this VPN network provides include the secure access even if you want to get connected to any public WIFI around you it will secure you even with the public network and, it also provides the ads blocking services which keeps on annoying you every now and then. Nord VPN is a seriously a great value of your bucks.


The fifth and the last VPN in our list is VYPER VPN. This VPN is best suited to those who are seeking the Network security at the best cheaper price. VYPER VPN is so economical to your pocket and yet assures full security to your network.

The VYPER VPN is famous for its one feature and that is the no log retention feature that means the developers of this VPN keeps no information with them as to what their users are streaming or surfing with their network, and this is the best feature in terms of getting away from any legal cumbersome.

Data encryption, public data information and blocking of unwanted websites are the prominent features of the VYPER VPN. This is the best economical VPN available for you and you must take a trial of it.

So there were the best available VPN service provider networks. You may choose any of them and stream anything safely on your KODI network. We hope that the article would help you.