20+ Best Kodi/ XBMC Streaming Boxes in 2018: Reviews Guide

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Kodi or XBMC is famous open source software that is used for the installation of the third party add-ons. These Kodi add-ons are used for streaming live TV, live matches, latest movies, serials, sports and much more content for the users, that’s why users get attracted towards Kodi add-ons.

Here, in this article, I am going to list out Best Kodi/XBMC streaming boxes in the year 2018. Out of the list of best Kodi streaming boxes, you can opt any as per your wish. Best Kodi or XMBC boxes all perfect packages of the latest features and technology which provides you with the best quality of content.

Best Kodi / XBMC based on the popularity and performance are divided into different categories:

  • Best Kodi / XBMC Android Boxes
  • Best Kodi / XBMC Legal Boxes
  • Best Kodi / XBMC Live TV Boxes
  • Best Kodi / XBMC Fully Loaded Boxes

Some of the Kodi services are not legal and many users have arrested because of using Kodi services so if you are going to use Kodi kindly keep in mind to use VPN services. With the help of VPN services, you can secure yourself by hiding your identity. As many of the content of which is displayed on the Kodi is not allowed to watch publically so privacy is necessary to watch the contents of Kodi. Let us talk about best Kodi or XBMC streaming boxes lies under all these categories.

  • Best Kodi boxes under Android are:
  1. XBOX

From the gaming, perspective XBOX is considered as best Kodi Box. XBOX is introduced by the Microsoft. There is a vast range of models in the XBOX series. The latest XBOX version contains 4k HD gaming which provides you with the best experience of playing games with 60 FPS. Kodi officially supports XBOX so you can enjoy this Kodi Xbox with good experience of streaming.

  1. Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV stick is one of the popular Kodi streaming boxes which provide a facility of great experience. This Amazon Fire TV stick Kodi box is the Android-based operating system and it has a quad-core processor.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

From the media perspective, its latest version is the best option and provides great experience as well. It is the fastest media streamer and provides the touch experience as well. So, from this perspective, you can go for this Amazon Fire TV stick.

  1. Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV is considered as more popular and best Kodi streaming box as compared to Amazon Fire V stick. It has more advanced features and then Amazon Fire TV stick. It also has an Android operating system. It provides a great experience of watching NETFLIX and Amazon prime instant videos.

Amazon Fire TV

So, if you are the huge fan of Netflix or Amazon prime instant videos and want to have great experience of watching videos without any hurdles than you should surely go for the Amazon Fire TV option. It works smoothly and loads Kodi within the few seconds.

  1. Nvidia Shield

Nvidia Shield is one of the most popular Kodi streaming boxes. It is also an Android-based setup box. It is a complete entertainment package which has proven best for watching videos, movies, TV shows to playing games.

Nvidia Shield

The latest version of Android which is supported by this is 6.0. so, if you are looking for Kodi streaming box for the complete package with the Android-based operating system than Nvidia is the option you can think about.

  1. Seguro Trongle X4

Seguro Trongle X4 is embedded with the Android 6.0 version. It is one of the popular Kodi streaming boxes which users highly suggest. Seguro Trongle X4 is the option which users go for within the affordable prices.

Seguro Trongle X4

This Kodi streaming box has a good quality of features to watch videos and do not seek to have high rates to get this. Videos quality is good. This secure trongle X4 supports videos with 4k quality and have a wireless keyboard with touch facility as well. You can experience professional, fast speed and quality of videos.

  1. Emtec GEM Box

Emtec GEM Box

Emtec GEM Box is another option which is good if you are not familiar with Kodi features and services. This Emtec GEM Box comes with some limitation and does not have an option for the installation of latest Kodi add-ons. But you can have access on the listed Kodi set up wizard which is mentioned on this streaming box. It provides good quality of experience that’s why it is popular among users apart from having some limitations.

  1. Q – Box Amlogic S905

450 Penta core processor makes it best suitable option for Kodi support. It is popular and high recommended Kodi streaming box. Features of Q box amlogic S905 as:

  • Resolution : 4k with 1080p
  • Android operating system: 5.1 lollipop version
  • Internal storage: 16 GB
  • User-friendly interface with the facility to download or save games and apps from Google play store.

All these features make it the best Kodi streaming box which you can go for.

  1. T95X TV Box

T95X TV Box has all the access from the Google play store so the user can easily download or save games or apps on it. You can have all the latest updates from Google play store. It provides great facility and experience of watching TV shows and movies with HD resolution. And if you suffer from any kind of problem or trouble than proper assistance will be provided to you. J

  • Best Kodi Legal Boxes are as follows:
  1. Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry Pi 3

Brilliant features lie in the small computer famous as Raspberry Pi 3 becomes the most popular Kodi streaming box. Features of Raspberry Pi 3 are as follows:

  • It has 1080p video streaming feature.
  • Quad-core processor
  • If suffer any buffering issues while using wireless connection then you can go for Ethernet wire connection as it is feasible with using the Ethernet connection.
  • Price of this is around $80 which is affordable for the users.
  • It is legal as well as safe to use or having access to this in the UK
  • Provides great performance.

All these features make it popular and you can surely think to purchase it.

  1. Roku Ultra 4K

Roku ultra 4k is a legal choice which you can go for in Kodi streaming box and provides best and great features with:

  • great content,
  • navigation features,
  • unbiased search,
  • It also has the option for customization.

All these options make it top rated Kodi streaming box that is available in the marketplace within the range of $129.

  1. Ebox T8 V

Ebox T8 V is the fastest device and its latest version is introduced in the market in 2016. This Ebox T8 V has its own Kodi build installation. It runs smoothly on android based operating systems. You can watch TV shows, movies, serials, and sports without suffering any kind of buffering or hurdle. It provides a great experience to the user. If you are new to use this Kodi streaming box than here it also provides a guide for their users as well.If you are looking for best streaming TV devices, then its a good choice for you.

  1. Google Chrome Cast Ultra

If you are seeking to have a Kodi streaming box which is available with no legal issues and secure from such kind of troubles than you should definitely go for the Google Chrome Cast ultra option which is available in the marketplace with less than the amount of $98. It provides 4K video resolution and needs wireless (WiFi) network connection to use it. It requires an HDMI port for TV connection. For wire connection, Ethernet wire can be a good option you can go for and enjoy unlimited Live streaming.

  1. Google Chrome Cast

Like Google chrome Cast ultra it is also the best option from the entertainment perspective. It provides a good experience with fewer troubles like buffering and loading. With power cable and adaptor, a dongle is provided for the setup. It also needs HDMI and wi-fi network connection for TV connection.

  1. Xiaomi MI

Xiaomi MI comes with great attractive looks. It is very sleek and eye-catching design. It comes in the affordable price range of $70 and the good part of this device is it is legal in the UK. It has a quad-core processor, has 8 GB onboard storage and 4k video resolution with 2GB memory. All these features make it highly recommended Kodi streaming box for watching videos, TV shows, movies and sports.

  • Best Kodi Live TV Boxes are as following:
  1. Kukele S912

This is also one of the top-rated Kodi streaming boxes which come with the following features like:

  • 64-bit processor
  • 3 GB RAM
  • Easy to navigate and user-friendly
  • Keyboard and also have remote control along with this.
  • Auto update feature
  • Legal Kodi streaming box.

All these listed features make it highly demandable Kodi streaming box.

  1. Sky-Stream Two

For the perfect Kodi streaming box which is powerful and fastest among the other Kodi boxes, you can surely think about Sky Stream Two Kodi box. It provides great media content like Netflix, Amazon prime indent, Hulu etc. with the customization option. It is also good for the Android-based operating system. This does not let you suffer problems like buffering and loading.its well named in category of best android streaming box.

  1. Rveal RT5

Rveal RT5 is the best option from the entertainment perspective. This provides a great experience for the entertainment with no issues like buffering and you can load the content easily with no problem. It is easy to navigate and gives the best quality of videos to the users. There are discount options and coupons also available if you go for this option.

  1. EasyStone Q Box

This Kodi streaming box EasyStone Q box comes with the affordable prices which users can go for. This comes with:

  • Quick loading features.
  • High quality.
  • Ethernet port.
  • An Android operating system based on the 5.2 lollipop version.
  • 16 GB internal storage
  1. Apple TV

It is the best option for watching the TV shows like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, ESPN, and many more apps you can install. Apple TV does not let you suffer any kind of troubles and problems like loading and buffering. You can download or install Kodi from apps without having any problems. For the apple history, it is considered the best option which users can go for.

  1. EZ – Stream Ti8

If you are looking for Kodi streaming box which is easy to carry you can go for EZ – Stream Ti8. It is an affordable Kodi box with great quality, easy to set up, great content and can download different apps like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, ESPN without having loading problems. It comes with HDMI port option for TV connection.

  • Best Kodi Fully Loaded Boxes are as follows:
  1. MXQ PRO

MXQ Pro has pre-installed Kodi media centre and comes in very less price range that is of $ 32 only. This Kodi is illegal in many countries so do not forget to use VPN services while using this. It runs better and does not let you face any kind of trouble or problem so you can think to use this Kodi streaming box for sure.

  1. Matricom Android G – Box Q2

It is a small box which comes with an option of unlimited Kodi streaming services which makes it get listed in the list of best Kodi streaming boxes. It has an Octa-core processor and ultra HD resolution feature. You can surely go for this for experiencing a great quality of games without having any hurdles. You can also go for this to get a good experience of Amazon prime videos.

  1. Minix Neo U1

With the quad-core processor, 2GB DDR3 memory, 16 GB internal memory and Wifi facilities make it top rated Kodi streaming box which most of the users use to experience a great quality of media content.

  1. NEXSMART D32 Android TV Box

The small box with great and fast performance is here that is Nexsmart D32 Android TV box. It consists of a quad-core processor with Penta core graphics. This fully loaded Kodi comes with Android support is a good option for playing games as well as Google play store apps.

So, this is all about the best KODI or XBMC streaming boxes & streaming services in 2018 which you will find in the marketplace and a large number of users go for. You can choose any of these Kodi boxes and can get the better quality of experience. All of these Kodi boxes comes with some limitations but gives a fast and high quality of performance which users seek to have while installation of Kodi services on the Kodi streaming box.

You can purchase any on the basis of your budget and these Kodi boxes totally justifies there price range and you will find better quality within less amount as well if you do not have a high budget.

Hope, this article’s information is helpful to you. Thanks for visiting here.