How to Install Kratos Kodi Add-ons

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The KRATOS KODI add-on is another prominent KODI add-on from the Ukodi1 Repository, and this add-on is basically the branch or the fork of Elysium KODI add-on.
The KRATOS KODI add-on is one of the most widely known and used the add-on, it has such a huge fan base among the KODI users and that is because of the wide variety of the content that the KRATOS KODI add-on offers to its users.

The KRATOS KODI add-on is an all in all add-on in itself as it has a huge section of the varieties of the content that it may offers to the viewers such as it includes all the plethora of movies, TV shows, and it provides the links of various other programs as per the desires of their users. The content is very fresh they keep on updating their content library from time to time which makes this add-on the often visiting place of the viewers.

The KRATOS KODI add-on has been rewarded as the best available add-on of TROYPOINT. The KRATOS KODI add-on also provides the TRACKT support facility to the viewers, which keeps the track of the movies and the TV shows that you watch on the KRATOS KODI.

As always we encourage and suggest you to integrate Virtual private Network(VPN) services to integrate with your network connection it will make your Internet connection all safe and secure since the KODI is an open platform for all and any users may keep their eyes on your privacy and the kind of data that you stream on the KODI media so have your safety in your own hands and use VPN services.

KODI does not encourage the streaming of any illegal data such as the copyrighted or the pirated stuff it’s advised to you that you stream only your personal data or the data which is available in the public domain to stream on KODI.

Download & Install Kratos Kodi Add-ons

To install the KRATOS KODI add-on Follow these steps one by one in the same order.

1. Go to your KODI software opening page.

2. Click on the top left settings icon of the page.

3. You will come across the file manager option.

4. Click on file manager option.

5. Left side add source option will be visible click on that.

6. The add source is already empty click on the none option there.

8. Now you will be asked to add the URL of your media source.

9. Add the URL as

10. In the next box name the added media source as ukodi1.

12. Now recheck all the provided information once again.

13. Come back to the main opening menu page.

14. Click on the package installer at the top left.

15. Click on install from the zip file option.

16. Now a box will open with the name of ukodi1.

17. Next click on the repository ukodi1 file.

18. Click on the repository zip file.

19. This zip file will start downloading.

20. After downloading the file click on install from repository.

21. Click on the file name Ukodi1.

22. Next click on the video add-ons.

23. Click on the KRATOS media.

24. Finally install option will appear.

25. Click on install and you are all set to go.

Enjoy your KRATOS KODI add-on we hope that this article helped you in setting up the add-on for you, share your opinion and we wish you a happy KODI streaming